Police officer kills girlfriend, self in Dedza District

The police force of Dedza district has received the reports of murder suicide in the area. The now deceased suspect was a police officer.

Police officer kills girlfriend, self in Dedza District, Image: facebook
Police officer kills girlfriend, self in Dedza District, Image: facebook

Malawi: The police force of Dedza district has received reports of murder-suicide in the area. The now-deceased suspect of the murder-suicide has been identified as Paul Mpheluka.

The suspect was a policeman working in the district. He shot his girlfriend, who has been identified as Sabina Bwanali and killed her. Afterwards, he shot himself by the same weapon.


The incident happened in the early hours of the morning on Wednesday at a place called Mabush. The bodies of the couple were discovered at the girl’s house. The Police force has started their investigation into the matter.

The case is extremely sensitive as one of the deceased is a member of the district security force. Further, he was responsible for initiating the murder-suicide and killing his girlfriend. The suspect’s motivation for killing his girlfriend is currently unknown.

Further, The Dedza police public relations officer, Beatrice Jefita has confirmed the matter. She spoke to the media and shared the details of the incident.

According to the PPRO, Mpheluka killed his girlfriend, Sabina Bwanali by shooting her with a gun. He proceeded to turn the same gun and shoot himself as well.

Jefita claimed that the bodies of the two had been taken to Dedza district hospital for examination.

The country’s people have expressed their condolences on the lost lives. Some social media users said that it was a sad development and expressed that the families must be devastated by the loss.


Murder suicide incidents can be linked strongly to mental health issues, which may be prevalent between the two parties. Further, there is also the possibility of the two having relationship problems, which prompted this extreme action.

The friends and relatives of both the deceased parties have not been made available for any comments. Meanwhile, the officials have suggested that they continue to investigate the matter.