Sebele Ward hosts wellness day, encourages healthy lifestyle

Sebele Ward of the Gaborone City Council hosted the wellness day. The Mayor of the city council, Austin Abraham was present at the event.

Botswana: Sebele Ward of the Gaborone City Council recently hosted the wellness day. The Mayor of the city council, Austin Abraham, was present at the event. The Mayor is also the ward councillor of the Sebele Ward and has been dedicated to the betterment of the ward.

The wellness day was hosted under the theme of “Mindset change for a healthy living”. The Gaborone City Council hosted the event in cooperation with several other members of the community.


The event included many activities designed to promote a hygienic, clean, and healthy lifestyle. These included litter picking, health screening, aerobics, and fun games. Further, the wellness day activities ended with a football match between two social clubs.

The mayor discussed the various benefits of hosting a wellness day exercise. The Gaborone City Council shared glimpses from the event, which aimed to promote a healthy lifestyle and routine for the people of the ward.

Ward Councillor Mayor Abraham delivered a brief address at the event, speaking of his dedication to the ward’s well-being. The Mayor said that it is important for residents to keep their surroundings clean.

The Mayor’s address on the occasion of the Sebele Ward wellness day echoed his administration’s dedication to the upkeep and hygine of the capital city of Botswana.

Gaborone City Mayor stressed that a clean environment helps to reduce some health risks caused by an untidy environment. The Mayor correlated the benefits of a clean and hygienic environment with the health of the people.

Accordingly, Mayor Austin encouraged everyone to prioritise their health by eating healthy food, exercising and living in a clean environment.


At the same time, the Mayor also appealed to residents to help authorities in curbing criminal activities in Gaborone. The city has been facing petty yet important issues such as stealing power cables.

The authorities hereby also acknowledged that the stealing costs the government, stressing that such bad activities also hinder the development of the city.

The major reason is that the money meant for development purposes would be used to repair the damaged infrastructure. Accordingly, the authorities can not invest in pushing other new projects.

During the wellness day exercise, Kgosi Thari of Block 8 Customary Court also encouraged youngsters to take up healthy habits. He urged young people to refrain from drug abuse and heavy alcohol consumption.

Kgosi Thari said many young people end up failing to take care of themselves due to alcohol and drug addiction and their high expenses.

Meanwhile, Botswana National Olympic Committee representative Baboni Khupe also attended the event. She emphasised that sports and health are related, so it is important for them to encourage everyone to promote good health.

Khupe said their mandate is to groom healthy, competitive athletes who can represent the country at the Olympics and return with accolades.