Siemens AG (OTCMKTS: SIEGY) and Nexii Come Together to Push for the Delivery of Innovative, Green Building Solutions and Digitization Activities

Siemens AG (OTCMKTS: SIEGY) and Nexii Building Solutions Inc remain dedicated to their quest to ensure low carbon footprints in North America and will thus deliver sustainable buildings, focusing on their principle. A progressive partnership strikes a perfect combination of Siemens’ digital power distribution solutions with Nexii’s high-end capabilities in providing high-performance green building products. Siemens also brings its eVehicle charging equipment into the partnership.

The collaboration and the change it sparks about
There happens to be a great need to digitize Nexii’s specialized manufacturing facilities, and the collaboration will ensure that happens. The other thing will be to generate efficiencies that help ramp up production activities to deliver sustainable building products across Canada and the U.S.

Siemens says it will channel many its efforts towards supporting Nexii’s client projects. For example, it intends to utilize its energy-efficient power solutions to boost Nexii’s sustainable products. Nexii continues to make a great name in the markets, considering its outstanding success in delivering green building products and innovative high-performance buildings. Its products continue growing in popularity, with most customers happy about cost-efficiency, sustainability, and resilience to climate change. It is also good that the building solutions present a low carbon footprint and utilize less energy.

Nexiite’s determination
Nexiite vows to continue utilizing proprietary building materials such as Nexiite its undertakings. It describes Nexiite as bearing properties that bear a lot of similarities to concrete. However, it doesn’t have traces of lime or Portland cement. The product facilitates the production of Nexii Panels which find sue in most if industrial and residential buildings. The partnership seeks to boost energy efficiencies, reduce energy waste, and improve matters regarding climate impact.

The co-founder and CEO of Nexii, Stephen Sidwell, opines, “Buildings and construction account for 39% of global climate pollution[3] making the industry the number one driver of the climate crisis[4], Our partnership with Siemens will not only help our clients with improved energy performance, further reducing their greenhouse gas impacts, but will also help Nexii improve efficiencies and speed delivery of our sustainable building solutions in our own facilities.”