Sudan: People continues to protest against military rule

A coup military protest has been going on for many days, since October 25, which forced youth and other members of the “resistance committees” onto the front line of the fight against military rule.

But as their equal stand against the security forces continues, the committees are drafting an alliance to harness their grassroots activism into a political activity with broad appeal to achieve better goals.


A crash is going in between the coups and Sudan people for the elections that brings hopes of democracy after thirty years of authoritarian rule under Omar al-Bashir. Negotiation are also going on for a blow to political parties weakened by infighting during the transition when they shared power with the military.

In the coup’s after-effects, the committees organised the protest that has pulled hundreds of thousands in cities across Sudan. Also, some smaller protests, barricades and strikes, fighting for communications faints, and a security crackdown that medics say has left at least 79 people lost their lives.

However, their efforts have focused more on rallying protestors, and they rejected the offer of bilateral talks with the military. Lead them to ignore them as a youthful idealist who, like protestors in other countries in the nation and lack political presence or to achieve their aims.

Without targetting anyone in the committee, the military said the civilian group should support national peace and reconciliation.

According to Ismat, a spokesperson for the committee in the capital, Khartoum, the alliance is expected to be set in the next few days and would outline the core of demands and a better vision for the future. He also added that it’s also planned to support and help the border coalition.

There is also some hope that committees can help the citizens fill the gap that weakened political members create, since the time Sudan’s independence in 1956 has continuously changed places with the military, but they only enjoyed short periods in power.


The committees have also met with the US representatives and officers from the United Nations. As per the US Senator “Chris Coons, “He had nominated the committees and a group of medics aligned with the protest for the Nobel Peace Prize.”