Cape Town, place to explore artist in you; Happy World Art Day

The World Art Day was declared by the International Association of Art (IAA) and celebrates fine arts internationally. IAA launched this in order to promote and make people aware of creative activities worldwide.

Grobbelaar appears surprisingly at FIFA Football Schools Program

Grobbelaar is known for his phenomenal skills and success, both internationally and at the club level. The legend shared the insights and showed solidarity with the Zimbabwe Football Association’s (ZIFA) efforts in promoting the sports at a foundation level.

UNESCO recognises 37 year Amine Htiouich for his fine skills in Metal Art

UNESCO recognized a North African artist, Mohamed Amine Htiouich, for his great and fine skills in Metal Art.

18.com anticipates to inspire local communities to list more elements

Botswana: Botswana Ambassador to the Republic of France and Permanent Delegate of Botswana to UNESCO also 18.Com Chairperson of Committee Mushtaq Moorad expressed his delight for the opportunity that UNESCO accorded Botswana to host the 18th Session of Safeguarding the Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Kasane hosts 18th Intergovernmental Committee for Cultural Heritage

Botswana, Kasane: Yesterday marked the official opening of the week long 18th Session of the intergovernmental committee for safeguarding intangible cultural heritage.