Tumiso Rakgare urges community to utilize govt initiatives

Minister of Youth, Gender, Culture, Tumiso Rakgare held a kgotla meeting in Tsolamosese urging communities to use government initiatives

Tumiso Rakgare urges community to utilize govt initiatives, Image: facebook
Tumiso Rakgare urges community to utilize govt initiatives, Image: facebook

Botswana: Minister of Youth, Gender, Sport and Culture, Tumiso Rakgare held a kgotla meeting in Tsolamosese. The meeting was hosted on Friday with the members of the community in attendance.

During the meeting, Minister Rakgare called on several organizations to come together and educate the youngsters on government initiatives. He requested Local Enterprise Authority (LEA) and Citizen Entrepreneurship Development Agency (CEDA) to come together.


They can work on education and making the youngsters of the country to aware about the community regarding government initiatives. He specifically asked the community be educated about the Chema Chema funding.

The government of Botswana has been working hard to come up with remarkable invitiatives for he people of the country to take advantage of. The members of the community, especially the youngsters can take their careers and businesses to great heights using the government support.

Minister Tumiso Rakgare pointed out that young and older people need to take advantage of government initiatives. He highlighted that they are aimed at improving the lives of the people of the country.

The government had started the initiative in light of the high unemployment rate of the country. He disclosed that since the commencement of the Chema Chema initiative, 50 019 Batswana have registered for funding.

Out of this number, 11 046 applications have been assessed, 9 635 are awaiting funding whereas over 2500 have already recieved funding.

Rakgare called on young people and elders to disregard inaccurate information concerning the challenges of applying for financial aid. He also warned attendees to be vigilant and be aware of fraudsters when dealing with financial matters.


On the other hand, Masego Mpofu from LEA underlined the importance for Batswana to visit their offices for clarification with regards to funding. She added that Chema Chema training is given weekly at Mogoditshane Community Hall and Tsholofelo Community Hall from 8:00am to 4:30pm.

With the goal of empowering women and youth in general, the Department of Gender Affairs, in collaboration with CEDA and LEA, will hold another meeting on Monday at Tsolamosese main kgotla to provide assistance with Chema Chema registrations.