Uganda: IMC Mukono opens a new theatre

The International Medical Center (IMC) Mukono has flared up a new state-of-the-art theatre.

While speaking at the official opening, according to the International Medical Group CEO, ‘Sukhmeet Sandhu’ as the prominent provider of private medical services, it is essential that IMG institutions continue to enhance and develop to meet the need of their patients.

Furthermore, Sandhu stated that it was outdated but accepted the agreement that Uganda must travel abroad in order to seek surgical solutions to their health issues is one that IMG has been determined to dispel, and the inauguration of this theater is our latest effort to that end.

Our commitment which we had for Uganda healthcare is stronger than ever, and we hope that this new theater is an assurance of that resolve”.

According to Andrew Mugalu, the IMC General Manager, they will always go further in the case of improving upon our mission statement in order to carry quality healthcare to all residents.

IMC has provided free, complete healthcare to our patients for over 23 years and has maintained the IMG ethos of holistic healing. Treating and dealing with your patients has always been and remains our first preference, but we believe in maintaining your health beyond simply addressing your illness, said Mugalu.

We have always invested money in research, education, and training in order to ensure we are bringing needed services to the residents that rely on us.

IMC Mukono provides various services, including theatre services, inpatient department, general practitioner, antenatal, physiotherapy, pediatrician, laboratory services, dental, ultrasound scan, dermatology, and obstetrics.