US experiences a vertical surge in COVID-19 cases: Dr. Fauci

According to the top US pandemic advisor, Anthony Fauci, on Sunday, the United States is experiencing “almost a vertical increase” in their COVID-19 cases as the Omicron variant mops the whole nation. Still, it considers that the peak of Omicron maybe a week away.

“We are obviously amid a severe increase and an uptick in infections, “Fauci said.” This Week, calling the pandemic “genuinely unprecedented.


Omicron variant of the virus mopping worldwide, more than 440,000 cases were reported in the US on 31st December. Almost 200,000 more as compared to last February.

However, Fauci noted that the experience of South Africa, where the strain was initially found in late November and peaked swiftly before dissipating just as quickly, gave him optimism.

He added that evidence is climbing that the Omicron is milder compared to other previous variants. The US death rates in the Omicron variant are far lower in recent weeks than during previous COVID-19 surges.

The US, like other countries, has been attempting to strike a balance that will preserve health without severely harming the economy or jeopardising critical services such as policing and air transport.


According to Fauci and United States education secretary, children are all set to return to school from Monday after their break. The in-person instruction can be conducted safely, and all precautions can be taken.


Fauci again pleaded to parents to wear proper masks and be sure that their children are fully vaccinated and get tested if needed.

Meanwhile, US Education Secretary Miguel Cardona said returning to the classroom would be challenging but necessary.” I do believe there will be bumps in the road,” referring to a significant number of teachers and personnel calling in sick.

He added, “So we are going to roll up our sleeves, all hands on deck, let’s keep our kids in the classroom. That should be our ruin thinking.”

According to Eric Adams, “We have almost lost two years of education. We can’t shut schools again because it will affect children, and school s the safest place for children.”