Winky D praises fans upon winning People’s Choice Award at NAMA 2024

The afro singer expressed that it is because of the fans that he is able to proudly carry the torch of ghettocraft music and illuminating the path for others to follow.

Winky D with his fans
Winky D with his fans

Zimbabwe: The Afro-musician Winky D won the People’s Choice Award at the National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA), after which he appreciated the support of his fans throughout his musical journey.

Rapper Winky D shared an official note on his Facebook handle while appreciating the fans and wrote that he finds himself immersed in overpowering emotions of gratitude. He remains unable to contain his boundless appreciation for all of them.


Referring to his fans, he added, “You are a testament to enduring bonds of unity and love.” He extended a heartfelt thanks and said, “I wish to convey my heartfelt thanks for your unrelenting support throughout my musical journey, particularly over the past year, that followed the release of ‘Eureka-Eureka’.”

Winky D mentioned that every vote cast embodies two decades of commitment to ghetto craft music that pierces straight to the hearts and souls. He said, “Your devotion and belief in me serve as a foundation upon which the GAFA music dream stands tall and assure I you that I remain steadfastly dedicated to returning the favour through inspiring and uplifting creations.”

People's Choice Award won by Winky D at NAMA 2024
People’s Choice Award won by Winky D at NAMA 2024

“Together, we form a powerful force capable of transcending boundaries and shattering ceilings,” said Winky D.

The afro singer expressed that it is because of the fans that he can proudly carry the torch of ghetto craft music and illuminate the path for others to follow.

Winky D added, “I grow increasingly confident that our future holds limitless possibilities, provided we continue to walk hand in hand along this dazzling musical crusade.”

“A toast to many more years of creating, collaborating and conquering together. No better way to honour the indomitable spirit of our beloved Ghettocratic family over the past year and 2 decades of ghetto craft,” said the award-winning artist.


This year, NAMA organised it’s 22nd edition which was held at ZITF Hall-3 on Saturday, Feb 24, 2024. The award ceremony followed the theme #KWAN22 which was a word play and celebrated the return of the award show to Bulawayo.

The 2024 NAMA show also considered the performances by Sithandazile, Baba Harare, Tamy Moyo, Bhekiwe, Noluntu J, Everton Mlalazi, Msiz’kay, Calvin Mangena and Albert Nyathi.