Zambezi 18-yr-old commits suicide after allegations of chicken theft

Zambia: An 18 year old man of Kamotoka village in Zambezi district, has committed suicide after his family member accused  him of stealing a chicken. The victim who has been identified as Crispin Mbilishi and he was accused of the stealing by his grandmother.

The victim committed suicide by hanging himself using a rope on Tuesday. The family members of the victim found him hanging by the rope at around 17:00 hours. The accusation of the suspect may have caused the young man to commit suicide.

The North-western Police Commanding Officer Dennis Moola confirmed the incident to the media in an official statement. He revealed that the incident was initially reported to Zambezi Police on May 15, 2024.

According to the commanding officer, Moola, the death of Mbilishi was discovered by his grandmother, Martha Samendia. According to the witnesss report,  she found him hanging from a tree after their dispute earlier in the day.

The grandmother of the suspect also confirmed that their disagreement may have  been a driving force for the suspect to consider this action. After she accused him of stealing the chicken the grandmother left the house, leaving him alone for a short time.

The police commanding officer noted that the deceased’s grandmother went to fetch firewood in the nearby bush. When she returned from running the errand, she found her grandson’s lifeless body hanging from a tree.

At this point, she alerted the Police force of Zambezi District who started their investigation into the matter.

The police officers confirmed that there were no physical injuries on the body of the victim. However, there was evidence of sperm discharge on the deceased’s body and a protruding tongue.

Police have ruled out foul play and have opened a Sudden and Unnatural Death file for the incident. Further, the police force has advised relatives to proceed with burial arrangements.

Meanwhile, police have urged the community and anyone reeling from this devastating loss, anyone struggling with mental health issues to seek help and support.