Actress Sophie Ndaba graces Business Women Zimbabwe Conference by Sipho Mazibuko  

Zimbabwe: Esteemed Business Women Zimbabwe Conference was held on Saturday, May 18, 2024, where Lavinia Gardens in Bulawayo buzzed in with the energy. At the conference, women from all corners of the country were converged for a day of empowerment and networking in the world of business.

The conference was organized by the Sipho Mazibuko and it provides a platform for women to showcase their entrepreneurial ventures and support each other’s endeavours.


Minister of Women’s Affairs, Community, Small and Medium Enterprises – Monica Mutsvangwa and Minister of Bulawayo Provincial Affairs and Devolution Minister – Judith Ncube attended the conference and was conjoined by the renowned South African actress Sophie Ndaba, who added a touch of glamour to the occasion.

The South African actress Sophie Ndaba arrived earlier on Thursday afternoon at the Joshua Mqabuko International Airport in Bulawayo. Ndaba graced the inauguration of the conference by being one of the esteemed keynote speakers.

The Business Conference was organized with an aim to empower and celebrate the outstanding female entrepreneurs of Zimbabwe and to recognize the invaluable contributions of the country’s Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in driving its economic growth.

It was a vibrant event that considered various stalls adorned with a diverse array of offerings ranging from solar panels and fashion designs to energy drinks. Funeral parlours and travel agencies also participated and showcased the breadth of entrepreneurship present.

Actress Sophie Ndaba reaches Bulawayo for attending Esteemed Business Women Zimbabwe Conference
Actress Sophie Ndaba reaches Bulawayo for attending Esteemed Business Women Zimbabwe Conference

Audiences present at the event were entertained with the stunning performance of Intombi Zomqangala, whereas a student of St Columbu – Angel Ndlovu moved hearts with her poem on peer pressure and shed the light on societal challenges.

Musician and Councilor – Sandra Ndebele Sibindi shared the story of her journey and emphasized the transformative power of mentorship. She said that as a young lady who grew up in the high-density suburbs of Nkulumane, she was not equipped with the tools of the celebrity lifestyle.


“However, I was fortunate enough to meet up with Sipho Mazibuko, who did not hesitate to groom me into a perfect lady,” said Councilor Sibindi.

Sibindi added further that Mazibuko taught her how to apply makeup, roll on and even rented attires for her first video shoot ‘Malaika’. “Therefore, as women we should empower each other to achieve our goals in life and reflect on the importance of supporting one another on a journey to success,” said the councilor. She then went on to rally the audience with a call for mutual support and solidarity.

Actress Sophie Ndaba also delivered a powerful message on self-reliance and recounted her trials and triumphs.

Ndaba said that growing up, she wasn’t perfect. She made mistakes and became a teenage mother after getting pregnant by the son of her foster family. While they provided her a spacious house, she was always reminded that it would never be in her name and it belonged to the family.

“I refused to accept that fate and instead chose to visit my family in South Africa and never returned to the mansions and lavish cars, despite our poverty,” said the actress.

Ndaba recounted that she remembered her grandmother’s teachings on faith and prayer and she hold onto the promise of God to bless all the days of her life.

She continued further with her story and declared, “I refused to settle for less”. She inspired women to pursue their dreams relentlessly and irrespective of their past setbacks.