uMkhonto we Sizwe leads preliminary results in KZN: IEC

The uMkhonto we Sizwe Party, led by Jacob Zuma, the former President of South Africa has shown remarkable performance in the 2024 elections

South Africa: The uMkhonto we Sizwe Party, led by Jacob Zuma, the former President of South Africa has shown remarkable performance in the 2024 elections. The early trends in the 2024 elections of the KwaZulu Natal have revealed that the MK Party is holding a significant lead in the province.

The voting procedure for the 2024 election was conducted in KwaZulu Natal on May 29. The reports of ethe IEC (Independent Electoral Commission) suggest that the voting turnout was impressive although it was slightly less than expected. The people of the province turned up in large numbers to act on their duty to cast a vote for their preferred leader.


As per the early trends, which were published by the Independent Electoral Commission the preliminary results suggest that current ruling party of South Africa, ANC is lagging significantly in the province. The Chairperson of the African National Congress in South Africa, Gwede Mantashe was present at the Results Operations Center of the IEC on Thursday.

He was present at the event to analyse the preliminary results of the ongoing electoral process. According to the media sources present at the ROC, the ANC chairman was surprised by the performance of the uMkhonto we Sizwe.

Notably, the preliminary results suggest that the MK party secured 41.77% of the votes in the election procedure. The percentage translates to approximately, amounting to 92,378 votes.

The African National Congress is significantly behind the Zuma led political party, with 21.06% votes, amounting to 48,278 votes. The other political parties in the province,  Inkatha Freedom Party and Democratic Alliance came away with 17.08% and 13.46% votes respectively.

ANC Chairperson, noted that he did not expect to see these numbers emerging from the MK party led by former president Zuma. The results can serve as an opportunity for the present ruling party to change their strategy to retain their lead in other parts of the nation.

On seeing the preliminary results, the Chairperson of African National Congress highlighted that he remains confident in their ability to secure a lead in the other parts of the nation


Many provinces in the country are voting for a change. The expression does not necessarily have to indicate a change in the leadership of the nation.

However, the preliminary results of the KwaZulu Natal Province suggest that the people of the province may be expecting something different from their leaders.