Africa’s Popular Influencer Village Beast Wastes Water: Netizens reacted

Africa's renowned digital content creator, the Village Beast with around 26K followers, affront the nation's water situation. He was seen pouring and frittering water around his village, displaying to the public how "Flexing water is crazy."

Africa’s renowned digital content creator, the Village Beast with around 26K followers, affront the nation’s water situation. He was seen pouring and frittering water around his village, displaying to the public how “Flexing water is crazy.”

The Village Beast is one of Africa’s most famous callisthenics Athlete champions and a Digital Video creator. He has been famous for the weird and crazy acts he posted on his social media feed.


Recently, he was found doing an indecent act of wasting water and frittering it to deliver his message to the audience that “Africa got Unlimited Water”. However, his idea did not go as he expected. Instead, he got trolled by the public. His idea of flaunting with water turned out to be the opposite, as people called it a shameful act of wasting water.

Africa is home to many local social media influencers and celebrities. It has a strong and vast entertainment industry, majorly performing cinemas, concerts, comedies, and musical shows.

The increasing coverage and social media influence in the lives of Africans has led to the era of emerging celebrities and influencers each day.

Emerging social media influencers and Celebrities use different ways to reach out to their target audience and gain hype. They even try exploring some weird, exciting, unusual adventures to remain connected with the audience and be in trend.

Interestingly, Africa is among those nations which have opened many opportunities for these social media fashionistas and influencers to become famous and renowned.

The system and the government are also continuously contributing to fulfilling the needs of their people by launching such platforms for them. The accessibility to these platforms enables the young talent to deliver and display his/her talent efficiently in the most comfortable way.


To fulfil all these challenges and grab their audience’s attention, these influencers have started indulging in many unlawful, illegal, and unfriendly practices today. Many social media influencers participate in many unethical practices, encouraging people to follow and implement them in their own daily lives.

Recently, a video from Africa’s popular digital content creator, The Village Beast, has gone viral on the internet. In the video, he was seen wasting water.

He poured water to seek the public’s attention. The idea behind the video highlighted in its title, noting, “You all remember when you said, No water in Africa”.

Moreover, Under his video’s caption and description he stated, “No Am just proving you wrong, we got water in Africa”.

“Unlimited Water, Make sure you must subscribe on Youtube for more village content,” he further stated.

Further, The moment the video came into sight, several user took to their social media handle to present their views. People expressed their opinions and thoughts. They called his act shameful and an agenda to coming to the limelight.

Several other influencers also expressed that other countries should stop allocating donations and funds to Africa.

As per several users, the people here show they have enough water and are wasting it; therefore, they should stop contributing to the donations.

One user commented and said, “So we can stop the donations? Bet”
“When the humanitarian aid package from UNICEF drops”,
“Hell yeah, I knew my donations were doing good,” several users commented further.

Several other users called these people a barrier to the nation’s success. They opposed their idea of wasting water to come into the light. They critcised his indecent act to gain views, subscriptions to their YouTube and other official pages.

Several users made fun of those guys and said they “Poured out the most conservative amount of water for trying to prove a point.”

The other user called them fools and said, “Niggas flexing water, lol, but drop a small amount 😂”

“Africa constantly struggles to have clean water chill with this ignorance.”

“He stole all water from his village (iconic).”

The users reacted.

Water Scarcity and lack of clean drinking water have been the significant ongoing challenges in Africa. People often face irregular water cuts in their localities, which causes them inconvenience. Sometimes people have to go for whole weeks without water. However, the highlighted reason for the water scarcity is climate change. The Poor Management and lack of infrastructure and management have also to contribute in the situation.