Another show of ‘Don’t Panic’ sign unfolds on Nelson Mandela Bridge

South Africa: A video is getting viral all over on social media, consisting of the sign “Don’t Panic”, and its mysterious appearance that has sparked the mixed reactions from the natives of South Africans.

It for the second time that the sign has appeared and considering the same Lasizwe Dambuza, a famous South African media personality, TV Host, YouTuber and Social Media Maverick, posted a video of a sign unfolding on the Nelson Mandela Bridge in Johannesburg.


Eeeeehhh!!!!, who else saw this? Haibo!! #DontPanic

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Many viewers have determined that the sign in the viral videos might obviously be a CGI or any AI-generated graphic. Following this several others commented that the meanings of the signs have the opposite effect. A collective response by the netizens includes, ‘I would make a u-turn immediately!’; another one commented, ‘Telling me to not panic is actually telling me to panic’.

However, the mystery of the ‘Don’t Panic’ signs remain unsolved at this time. The Capetonians are talking about a large sign of the phrase ‘Don’t Panic’ that has also perched prominently on Table Mountain.

Reportedly, the bold white letters are visible from various points across the city and have ignited a frenzy of speculation, concern and humour on social media.


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Siv Ngesi, the award-winning actor, comedian, presenter and producer has also shared his thoughts on social media and expressed, “The sign has left locals scratching their heads and furiously typing on their keyboards.”

He further added, “Instagram and Facebook are abuzz with theories ranging from aliens to an elaborate political campaign.”

As of now, no individual or organisation has come forward to claim responsibility for the cryptic message.


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Moreover, the officials of the city have yet to release an official statement. The city holds its breath for answers and they can only hope that they can come soon. Meanwhile, the meaning of the sign ‘Don’t Panic’ can be taken as however the one wants to.

What the sign signifies, it still not known so let’s wait till it gets revealed, until then ‘Don’t Panic’.