Boy TAG leaves Stevens Music, left with Seppo only

Boy TAG left the popular record label Stevens Music after which the Cameroonian music production company is left with only one artist Seppo

Boy TAG while performing at a concert
Boy TAG while performing at a concert

Cameroon: Artist Boy TAG has left the popular record label Stevens Music after which the Cameroonian music production company is left with only one artist Seppo.

Boy TAG was the last popular face of the record label company and has recently announced his departure from the label.


Steven’s Music Entertainment LLC is a famous music label that has produced some of the greatest artists under its name, such as Gasha, Daphne, Boy TAG, Ewube, M-Pro and Shura.

The label signed Boy TAG as their fourth artist whose uniqueness in music, originality and production work prowess. With the label, he dropped songs such as Minogncite, Talla Andre Marie, Ca me n’enerve, Grand Ma, Poto poto and La fete ft. Happy D’Efoulan.

Boy TAG released his latest song ‘Paper’ without the Stevens Music logo which made all suspicious and gave a suggestive severance.

Boy TAG's new song Paper
Boy TAG’s new song Paper

Steven’s Music is now left with Seppo only. The artist whose music navigates through Makossa and Afrobeats. She has released videos under the Stevens Music imprint like Mon Ex, Toquer Goutez, Falling, Sokolo, Amitie and Complique.

As per the sources, the music company was established in September 2013 and Steven’s Music has made a remarkable impact as former front-liner Gasha who debuted with an eargasmic song ‘Khaki Mbere’ and continued to wow music lovers with dulcet music.

Gasha was awarded as the Best Female Artist in 2014 for Central Africa at the African Muzik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA) that was held in Dellas, Texas.


Her collaboration with Eddy Kenzo in 2015 was a testament to Steven’s Music’s ability to break new boundaries.

Gasha’s relationship with the record label was stale and unpalatable, which triggered both parties to sever ties. It was shocking to believe that Gasha was the first one to leave Steven’s Music Record Label.

After making Gasha a great star, Stevens Music signed Daphne. She rose to fame and prominence very rapidly. Daphne is considered the most successful artist that the label has launched.

Daphne released ‘La Bas’, after which she has been on hiatus and caused worry for fans. Probable she faced some issues with the label about which nothing was revealed in the media.

Steven's Music Record Label
Steven’s Music Record Label

Later, the Stevens record label was joined by Shura in 2016 and produced her song ‘Allez Dire’ by CFX, which was an exceptional project. With the launch of the song, Shura’s career gained traction and she rose to fame.

Shura left Stevens Music in Nov 2021 and signed a publishing deal with Wax Dey’s Calabash Music.

Steven’s Music signed the former Best Music Queen Ewube in April 2019, who was earlier a Dancehall artist and rose to fame with the song Party All Nyte. She completely lost her hold under the music label, and moreover, it is said that her creative direction was altered.

Ewube then left and signed for Open Mic Production South Africa and is yet to unleash her potential as an artist.