Chobe District Council arranges week long retreat to Gaborone

Botswana: The Chobe District Council Management team took a week-long retreat trip in Gaborone. The team of the Chobe District Council was accompanying the Councillors and high-level management. They went on a weeklong retreat assembly in Gaborone in the previous weeks.

The district council shared some details of the retreat on their social media account. The members of the team shared that the week long session was a tremendous success.


They discussed several crucial issues of importance for the people of the district. The leadership shared that the aim of the retreat was to encourage the members of the team to come together for critical discussion.

Another significant aim for the organization of the week long retreat was  to enhance the team building. The team was welcomed to the city by the Councillor of Gaborone City Council, Phuthego Modise on behalf of the Gaborone City Mayor.

Council Secretary Joseph Segopa delivered the opening address of the week long retreat. The council secretary emphasized that the team is there to reflect and reset on how things are run at the Council.

He emphasised that leaders should be agents of change for the district. The organization has urged the members of the community to ensure that the Council is a living example of the Local Government Ministry’s tagline “Batho Pele.”

Furthermore, council secretary Segopa talked about the  daily operations of Council that need intentional introspection. He also added that the feedback that the clients give Council on various available platforms should be used as points of reference in bettering the service delivery.

Throughout the duration of the session, the political and administrative sides collaborated in group works to share ideas and develop performance plans and templates that the Council will operate with for the rest of the financial year.


The members of the district council were delighted to be a part of the week long retreat. They had the opportunity to rewind and rejuvenate from the work office. After the exercise, they would be able to devote better attention to the district council and contribute to its success.

The lessons that they have learnt from their retreat will also help them perform better for the benefit of the nation.