City pastor assaulted 14-year-old girl after pretending to pray for family

Kampala: Police of Kampala have arrested one ‘Jimmy Bbaale’, a city churchman, on allegations of violating a 14 years old girl after acting like he was providing care to that girl’s relatives after the head of the home was arrested and detained.

As per the investigations, when businessman of Kampala, ‘Bruno Francis Bazibu’, was detained by police for over two years, Bbale came to his home and showed that he was concerned for them and prayed for the family as the head of the family was battling with the court case.

He further stated that this is how he won his family’s trust and took advantage to defile one of the girls at home, but Bazibu, for fear of reprisal from the pastor, didn’t report the matter to the police.

However, Bazibu reported the matter on release, and Bbaale was arrested and detained at Katwe police station.

Moreover, Kampala Metropolitan deputy Police spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire confirmed the arrest.

According to Luke Owoyesigyire, “It is true that churchman was arrested on allegations of heightened defilement. He is still imprisoned at Katwe Police while our officers at KMP South headquarters continue with the investigations. All the necessary procedures supposed to be followed while investigating a case of that nature have been done.”

However, as per the sources we learned, there was a plan to have the churchman released on bond after being influenced by some big wigs.

Moreover, President Museveni has warned the court and police too for issuing bail against the offenders, including those involved in any murder, rape, and defilement, among others.

As per the recent interview of Museveni, “we must agree on the bailable offences. The judiciary also has some issues. There are wrong elements that still exist in the judiciary. Furthermore, Jus=diciary says that bail may be given. Someone kills someone, and you give them bail, really! Don’t encourage people into mob justice.”

Museveni said those involved in rape, defilement and murder ought to be strict punishments but urged police, Director of Public Prosecutions and judges always to expedite the cases.

“If the police, DPP and judiciary could emphasise this. You kill a person within a given time; you are convicted. My conviction doesn’t agree with a life-long sentence. You killed, you must die. What you(judiciary) are doing now doesn’t please our people. Then after some time, the person changes in prison and is forgiven. Let the person be sentenced to death and forgiven but knows he was going. If it was not for the president to forgive me, I was dead,” he said.