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Commandant welcomes South Africa Military Academy students with Code of Conduct

South Africa: On Monday, 23 January 2023, the Commandant of the South African Military Academy welcomed the students. The event commenced with a reading of the code of conduct by Miss Academy 2022 CO Nyanda, followed by a scripture reading and prayer by Lieutenant P.R. Lamola.

The student captain, Lieutenant T.J. Modise, observed the protocol and confirmed the presence of the Military Academy Student Council, Military Academy Postgraduate Students), third year students (MA23), second year students (MA24), first year students (MA25), Section Military Development (SMD) and invited the Commandant, Brigadier General A.J. De Castro.

The Commandant took to the podium and greeted the student body support staff, and welcomed all undergraduates from their respective military weeks. He thanked the student body for the good discipline displayed last year and said that this year the focus would be on students’ bearing (how to conduct themselves and present themselves as young leaders in the Department of Defence).



He encouraged the students to remind themselves of his leadership philosophy. Upon assumption of command, he revised the core values of the Military Academy (dignity, integrity, service before self and accountability.

The Commandant further encouraged the students to grab all opportunities presented in the military weeks to learn about other arms of service and for development purposes.

Furthermore, he commended Section Military Development for a job well done and elaborated on the importance of effective and efficient utilisation of the resources we have in the organisation.

Image credit: SA Military Facebook Page

“Never take no for an answer; keep knocking” those were his words as he concluded his welcome speech and wished all students the best for the year ahead.

Area residents sent greetings to the commanders and also wished Good Luck to the students, especially those who took the opportunity to join the organisation with SA National Defence Force.

Residents also said that they chose the right path to serve their country with diligence, and Zille is proud to wear the uniform and get to serve the beloved country.

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