Couple fights back attacker in Verulam CBD

A couple fought back against the robber who tried to snatch their bag on Thursday night in Verulam, KwaZulu-Natal (KZN). Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) received a call for medical assistance from Metro Police Headquarters situated on Wick Street.

RUSA Members were immediately dispatched and, on arrival, met with the victims. It was discovered that the 28-year-old female left her place of employment after their Christmas Party and was walking to her residence approximately 200 metres away.

She was being escorted by her 30-year-old husband when a lone suspect armed with a knife confronted them in the Metro Police parking lot. He tried to snatch the women’s handbag, but 

The suspect assaulted her and stabbed her husband in his arm before he fled empty-handed. The female bled excessively from a laceration to her head. Metro Policemen proceeded to the couple’s aid after they heard the commotion. 

The female was treated for her injury before being transported to the hospital by ambulance. Her husband received first aid on the scene and did not require further medical attention.

Residents showed their anger to the Ministry. One of the locals said, “Shame that is so sad to hear that we worked so hard the whole year and only for someone to come snatch our joy before the year ends. If you want something, work for it. Now, she and many others will get traumatised every time we step out of our yard. I trust she and the hubby will be ok. CRIME IS OUT OF CONTROL..”

“Verulam is going from bad to worst. Police need to play their part an petrol on foof to make Verulam a safe place. Thank GOD the couple are safe, and okay, it could have been worse,” said another user.