Dominica: DBS’ Focus on Government and Development programme emphasises on hurricane safety tips

Dominica: DBS Radio station Dominica launched their Focus on Government and Development programme yesterday (Thursday), in which their major focus was on discussing plans and policies in place to improve lives. The weekly programme, which is broadcasted on Thursday, was hosted by Dion Dieron Smith this week.

He stressed the Disaster management, disaster preparedness, and hurricane preparedness in this program. Notably, the Housing Ministry of Dominica, Melissa Skerrit, also shared DIY tips with residents on her official social media account yesterday.

The guest of the DBS radio station was Fitzroy Paschal, the national Disaster coordinator; Itoma James, the senior acting officer and Mister Glenroy, the government commissioner, as well as the Nipo Emergency Shelter chairman.

Fitzroy Pascal has been in that position for the past six-seven years, and he headed the meteorological service before that Meteorological is his background, and he has some training in disaster management.

As Itoma James said, “Hurricane is going to be near, and they are expecting the Hurricane to start and all the different disasters to come. So, we should be prepared.”

He also shared one of the past incidents when they had a trough system that caused immense devastation in the southeast and east, stressing that preparedness is something important and has to be made a part of our lifestyle.

Furthermore, James talked about the hot weather in Dominica and how social media is buzzing because it’s boiling. He also expressed his curiosity to know how Dominicans associate with the heat and how intense they expect hurricane season to be.

The sea surface temperatures, to be exact, are one of the main factors that would be used to determine the intensity of hurricanes and how the hurricane season may unfold But this season, Dominica has a counteracting force: the El Nino’s development, said James.

Amelia Jones

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