Egyptian woman surprises doctors and gives birth to 7 twins

Egypt: An Egyptian woman gave birth to 9 twins in one womb in an incident that astounded doctors after they had previously told her that she was unable to have children.

Egypt: An Egyptian woman gave birth to 9 twins in one womb in an incident that astounded doctors after they had previously told her that she was unable to have children.

The story of Mrs. Ghazala from the lake and reviewed her simple financial condition, revealing that she was subjected to a lot of pressure, as she wished to own an apartment, and some were inciting her to sell one of her children, which was suspended. She said: I want to sell them.


Ghazala, 40, lives in the Beheira Governorate, northern Egypt, and her husband works as a daily wage farmer. Ghazala had previously given birth to 3 daughters, and according to the doctors, she would not have children again, and she prepared her life for this matter, and when suddenly she felt the symptoms of pregnancy, the doctor gave her this news: in her womb 9 children.

Ghazala told: “It was a shock as if the world stopped me at this moment. I did not know what to do and how to manage the livelihood of 12 children at once, but God’s power is above everything.”

Attempting to abort her pregnancy

She added: “One of the doctors offered me to inject children to complete the abortion process, leaving only two or three children, and actually I went to the hospital in the third month of pregnancy, but he asked me 4,000 pounds for the operation, and I did not have them, so I delegated my command to God, and left my pregnancy as it is, and he died. Two of them left 7”.

In the last months of pregnancy, her husband used to buy her an injection of 200 Egyptian pounds, despite the poor financial conditions, to expand her stomach so that the children could move inside her, until the birth took place in the eighth month in a hospital in Alexandria Governorate.

Refused to sell a child


“My son is from my flesh,” Ghazala responded when a woman offered her to buy one of her daughters in exchange for Money and an apartment building, but she preferred to live and struggle for her children rather than sell one of them, adding that her husband quarrelled with the hospital director, and refused to sell his daughter for Money.

When the father felt unsafe from this situation, while she was in the hospital at the time of delivery, she sought the help of a police officer, who in turn prepared a guard for her to secure her room to ensure that none of her children would be stolen.

A Saudi family offered Ghazala and her husband to travel to Saudi Arabia, and the family would take care of all their needs and obligations, and despite the hardship of living, they refused to leave their country and travel abroad.

Parents’ position

Ghazala says about the parents’ view of her, a mother of 10, with a tone of gratitude: “The people in our area were happy with my children and me, and they stood by me while I was in the hospital, and they kept visiting me.”

Currently, the ten children are studying in different educational stages, and the seven twins are studying in one semester, stressing that it will not prevent anyone from studying.

Ghazaleh continues her speech, saying: “My husband and I suffer from diabetes, and we did not find a permanent job for him that guarantees a permanent income for us instead of his intermittent income at the daily wage, which does not exceed a total of 3,000 pounds per month, other than that one of the children underwent a heart operation, and one suffered from brain atrophy. “.