Elderly man shoots robber in Tongaat KZN

South Africa: An elderly resident of Tongaat KZN shot a 27 year old Malawian national suspect. The 27 year was allegedly involved in a robbery at a General Dealer in Maidstone – KZN on Tuesday.

The 69 year old  man who shot the suspect had arrived at the store in Maidenstone when he saw that 3 men were robbing the premises. All the suspects had firearms which they were using to intimidate the store staff.

At this point, the senior citizen took out his Tangfoglio 6.35 pistol and shot one of the men in the chest. After he was shot, the suspect dropped his weapon in the store and left the premises with his accomplices.

They had managed to steal the Cash and cell phones from the store before leaving. The reaction unit reached the site of the robbery at approximately 17:17.

On arrival Reaction Officers inspected the suspect’s firearm and established that it was a replica. They also took the opportunity to interview the witnesses and the shooter. The RUSA Members also took the opportunity to visit the Tongaat Clinic.

At the hospital, they  had the opportunity to ask any gunshot victims were admitted to the  clinic and receiving treatment The doctors at the clinic informed the officers that a man with a gunshot wound to his chest was dumped outside the medical facility.

The people who left the gunshot victim at the facility were driving a white Ford Batam bakkie. They added that the vehicle registration plates had been removed from the vehicle. Security Officers working at the clinic helped the injured male get into the premises.

Reaction Officers interviewed the man who has been receiving treatment at the facility. He initially claimed to be the victim of robbery.

However, during further questioning he confirmed that he and three (3) accomplices conspired to rob the store. He did not provide any further information.

Reaction Officers safeguarded the suspect until the arrival of the Tongaat SAPS at which point the suspect was handed over to the police. The People of Kwazulu Natal have appreciated the elderly man for taking quick action.

“Well done to the senior citizen.” Said a social media user. “We need more of these gentlemen, that doesn’t waste time when they see a robbery in progress.” She added.

At the same time, they also appreciated the Reaction Unit for their quick action and response. “Thank u RUSA for always responding so quickly in any situation.”