Emyooga: Kasolo urges fellow ministers to travel country to monitor gov’t programs

The State Minister for Microfinace’ Haruna Kyeyune Kasolo’ has asked their fellow ministers that they need to move around the country if they are planning to plan something for the goodness of the country.

Furthermore, he stated that I had covered central Uganda. I have covered the whole Ankole sub-region, and this week I’m surely completing the Kigezi sub-region tour.


I will now be going to the Rwenzori sub-region. I have seen the problems faced by people living in these areas,” Kasolo spoke at an Emyooga monitoring function organized in Bukimbira county, Kisoro district.

He further stated that despite showing the problems faced by the areas regarding the Emyooga program, the journey around the country would also help him establish other facts that will help his ministry and the plan of government for the country.

Discussing the same, ‘Abdul Bisaso’, also the national coordinator for Emyooga, stated that during his monitoring tour in Kisoro, it was found that whereas it was estimated that for shs2.8 billion to be sent as part of Emyooga, this was not the case since some categories of SACCO’s were not formed.

“Kisoro has five constituencies that we expected they should have got shs2.8billion, but because around 12 SACCO’s are not yet formed because of some challenges, the money received was less. However, mobilization is underway to ensure the formation of those SACCO’s,” Bisaso said.

He then praised the district for its performance in terms of Emyooga SACCO’s, with more than 60 per cent of the loans taken by the members of the SACCO’s refunded.

The district also performed well because they took money on loan and from which 60 percent is recovered, which is near to shs1.9 million, and people are still accessing loans.


During the function, the leaders condemned the poor road network that they said has seen many not tap into government programs.

According to ‘Sarah Mateke’, the state minister for Youth and Children Affairs, the country’s people spend more money on transportation and the reason is ‘poor road infrastructure’.

In response, Kasolo promised to raise the matter for redress.

He further stated that this area is a tourism hub, and we need to work on that.

However, the minister urged that as the government looks for money to work on the roads, the locals should get involved in various enterprises to improve their household incomes.

On Emyooga, he warned the locals against stealing the money from SACCOs.

He also added that “It is you who have the whole charge of managing money, and now you decide to look out the money, and if you are stealing money, then you are stealing it from your garden.”

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