State Attorney charged in police custody for receiving shs1.5m bribe from suspect family

The State House of Anti-Corruption Unit has arrested a Masindi Resident State Attorney in the case that he took shs1.5 million in order to facilitate the “killing” of a defilement case against a man.

As per the State House Anti-Corruption Unit person, they arrested ‘Charles Bwiiso’ in a joint operation with police after being listed that the State Attorney had asked shs3 million from persons some people to be able to kill the defilement case by closing the file.


As per the reports, the State Attorney demanded shs3 million as a bribe from the suspect family; they pleaded with him to pay shs1.5 million, an amount they could afford.

The family after that reported the matter to the State House Anti-Corruption Unit that planted operatives near the State Attorney’s office.

However, they caught Bwiiso red-handedly after receiving a deposit of shs1.5 million from the suspect’s family.

After that, the police arrested him.

As per reports in which they learnt that the case of blasphemy was reported to Masindi Police Station vide CRB 149/2022 against Joseph Arinaitwe, but it’s been ten days and more than that even that the suspect was never prosecuted before the court to answer the charges of aggravated defilement.

However, the family of Airnaitwe’s family and that of the victim wanted to settle the matter out of court and reconciliation. To this, an agreement was written in which they requested the Resident State Attorney to withdraw the matter.


When they requested Bwiiso, they initially demanded shs3 million from the suspect family to close the case file, but his family bargained up to shs1.5 million.

After that, the family reported the matter to the State House Anti-Corruption Unit and then they sent the detective’s team to Masindi to lay bait to lure the State Attorney.

Along with, an shs1 million bribe was delivered, and at the same time, it was received by the State Attorney in his office and then instantly they wrote a letter to the District Criminal Investigations.

Since the families settled the issue, the division (CID) officer directed him to submit the file for further legal advice.

He was therefore arrested.