FACTS: Why to date a rich man

Kenya, Africa: Africa's famous Fashion Model and influencer, Stacy Michuki, believes in dating a rich man. The influencer made this statement on her social media for her audience of over 55.7k fans and admirers. 

Kenya, Africa: Africa’s famous Fashion Model and influencer, Stacy Michuki, believes in dating a rich man. The influencer made this statement on her social media for her audience of over 55.7k fans and admirers. 

She flaunts her luxurious life and inspires people with the same. Recently, Stacy’s idea turned out to be controversial when she delivered a reminder “to marry a rich man” in one of her videos.


Stacy Michuki is one of Africa’s most famous fashion models and influencers. She is also a former Miss Universe 2021 and has travelled across various countries with her white boyfriend, Jordan Lee.

Recently, In one of her videos, Stacy was seen flaunting her luxurious life with her boyfriend and delivering a friendly reminder to the public, noting, “Your Daily reminder to date a rich man”. 

Facts stacy Michuki shared why people should marry/date a rich man:-

  • Explore and travel across the world
  • Wear branded clothes and accessories like Louis Vuitton
  • Own a private jet
  • relax and chill at the world’s famous beaches
  • roam in luxury cars
  • Enjoy quality time in fancy and luxury resorts
  • Spend a vacation in the most popular places around the globe

Within a few minutes, the video went viral on the Internet and became a topic of debate in its comment section.

Many people liked her idea of marrying a rich man and commented on her support. “The problem is not dating them. It’s finding them”, said a social media user

One user commented, “She forgets the part when it shows us how”. While Stacy was also seen engaging with these comments, she replied to this comment with the words: “Next reel.. sorry”.

One of the users was impressed by her idea of dating a rich man. She explained that its not even the money that she would date the rich guys. Instead, it’s just about the maturity and mental well-being that a secure man brings to the table. Stacy Michuki agreed to the comment and mentioned, “100%”.


While Several other users didn’t like her idea of marrying a rich man, instead, they trolled Stacy for spreading the negative and false idea. One user commented in disagreement with her stance, “Don’t marry a rich man, be a rich woman”.

Another user commented, “What happens when the money is gone.”

“Why can’t you be the rich woman? Then you don’t need anybody. Lol”

“Those men only like bony women, and I love to eat.”

“Such a wrong message to value men according to their riches.”

The users commented.

 Interestingly, some other users also took her stand, applauded the couple, and urged others to do the same. They encouraged them to stop pinpointing someone’s life. Instead, they should learn to be happy in someone’s life.

“Some of you ladies, lol, learn to clap others in their season without looking for something negative to pinpoint heal! Love this for you, sissy and those that really know you know you deserve all this and more!!! Happy blessed week”, one user commented.

While some users also felt they could relate to her and appreciated her choice for selecting a healed and wealthy man to secure her life. They also remarked, “Black Women and rich men belong together.”

The users also highlighted that most people in the comment section are traumatized, unhealed and policing the couple’s harmless actions like this. 

They described that it is so strange, and it just shows how much healing these people need to undergo. 

Finding true love is a big deal in Today’s era. Today, probably everyone out there wants to be wealthy and evolve materialistically successful. People believe in living in the practical world and focus more on the realistic side of life instead of romanticizing every aspect of their existence. They don’t want to see the world emotionally, unrealistic and with rose-coloured glasses.

People prioritize their comfort over baseless and often unrealistic notions.

Notably, there is a flip side of the argument, where some influencers are seen advocating the argument of “growing together and becoming successful together. 

Proof of this argument comes in a video going viral on the Internet. In the video, a man is seen gifting a fake Paper-made Pandora ring with a handmade paper bag and its box to her girlfriend. The video’s title stated, “This means more than a real Pandora”.

While the influencer couple is giving out the message of being non-materialistic in their relationships, the internet population seems to disagree with them.

The people in the comment section were seen opposing this gesture of a boyfriend towards his girlfriend. They laughed at the boy and trolled him for his “emotional and sweet gesture towards his girlfriend.”

The people in the comment section stated that this was “utterly disrespectful to the girl.”

As per people, This act seems crazy and unrealistic. They mentioned that people in Today’s world are more realistic. While efforts do matter, couples look for stability and practical companionship with each other.