Father, uncle defile 2 year old in Choma District

2 year old female infant of Choma District has died  after an alleged defilement and physical abuse by her father and uncle

Father, uncle defile 2 year old in Choma District, Image: Google
Father, uncle defile 2 year old in Choma District, Image: Google

Zambia: 2 year old female infant of Choma District has died after an alleged defilement and physical abuse. The  Police has clarified that the victims have been identified as her biological father and her uncle.

The accused who have been identified as 29 year old Abraham Chimense. The Police Force has also revealed that the biological father of the deceased, is also a civilian staff member of Zambia National Service in Choma.

The other accused has been identified as  20 year old Joseph Chimense. Both the brothers are the residents of Shampande Compound in Choma District.

The Police Force highlighted that Police in Southern province have confirmed the death of the victim. They also confirmed that the accused males were the guardians of the deceased.

Southern Province Commissioner of Police, Auxensio Daka confirmed that the accused Abraham Chimense had taken his daughter to shampande Clinic in Choma. She was to receive medical treatment for suspected malaria.

However, the child was later referred to Choma General Hospital for further treatment.. This happened as medical examinations revealed that the victim had suspected trauma related wounds.

Commissioner Daka explained that the infant was admitted to Choma general hospital and later succumbed to her injuries.

“Following her death, a postmortem further revealed the child also sustained anal and vaginal injuries, where semen is said to have been found on the child’s genital and anal area, which was consistent with defilement prior to her death”, he added.

“The postmortem also revealed injuries on the deceased scalp and ribs, which seem to suggest the victim having endured physical abuse at the hands of the two accused persons,” he revealed.

Commissioner Daka confirmed that they have interrogated the two suspects. The details are that the child was left in the care of her father and uncle following the marital separation of Abraham Chimense and his wife last year.

“A further inquiry into the matter revealed that the deceased slept in the bedroom with her father who admitted to inflicting physical injury on the child but denied having carnal knowledge of her,” He added.

Daka revealed that the two accused suspects have both been arrested. The Police has started the investigation of the case as a murder. The victim  are currently in police custody awaiting further investigations.