Global Traveler Awards honours Zambia as ‘Best Leisure Destination in Africa’

Zambia is honoured with the ‘Best Leisure Destination in Africa’ at the 2024 Global Traveler Awards. This is a prestigious award which was determined by a survey of the readers of Global Traveler’s.

Reportedly, the awards took place on Thursday May 16, 2024 at The Union League of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Global Traveler is a source for luxury travelers that announced the winners of its 12th annual Leisure Lifestyle Awards in its May Leisure Travel edition.


The Global Traveler conducted a survey of its readers from July 15, 2023 to March 08, 2024 which included open-ended questions for the best in many categories of leisure, luxury and lifestyle travel.

As per the sources, the survey ran in the magazine, as an insert to subscriber copies, as a direct mail questionnaire, online and was emailed too.

The readers are the real reason because of whom Zambia won. They voted the nation above the countries such as South Africa, Seychelles, Morocco and Kenya.

Leisure Travel Issue of Global Traveler
Leisure Travel Issue of Global Traveler

Publisher and CEO of FXExpress Publications Inc. – Francis X. Gallagher extended the greetings and said, “Congratulations to the winners of Global Traveler’s 12th annual Leisure Lifestyle Awards.”

He added that everyone looks forward to leisure travel and to be a provider that goes above and beyond for that subset consistently is a true testament to a brand.

“Our readers know the best of the best in the travel industry, so the winner’s list is undoubtedly a guide to planning the next trip. Congratulations to winners, they are the well deservers of these accolades,” said publisher Gallagher.


Notably, Global Travelers has nearly around 550,000 readers in total who connects brands with US based frequent affluent travelers.

According to MRI Simmons the Global Travelers readers have an average net worth of $2 million and 50 percent are CEOs and owners of the companies.

As per the reports, Readers average domestic flights per year are 18 and 93 percent travel internationally on a regular basis considering 18 roundtrips in the last three years mostly in first and business class.