Kenya set to become Non-NATO Ally, will boost security operations

Kenya to soon receive 16 helicopters and 150 armoured cars from USA. These will be received to boost the country’s security operations and peacekeeping missions. The nation has been declared as a major US Ally now.

Reportedly, Kenya has bagged a deal to Boost the Security Operations and is set to become a major Non-NATO Ally.


Kenya has secured numerous deals from the United States of America to ensure the security within and across the region. The deals were announced during the visit of President William Ruto to the USA that forms a part of long-term investments in Kenys’a Defence Capabilities.

As per the sources, Kenya will receive 150 armoured security vehicles from the United States of America in September 2024. Along with this, the country will also receive 16 US manufactured helicopters between winter 2024 and summer 2025 to bolster its ability to provide regional peace and security, and to participate in peacekeeping missions.

Furthermore, the United States has invested more than $230 million in civilian security and defence sector funding in the last four years.

As per the statement from White House, the US is making long-term investments in Kenya’s defense capabilities, including the building border security capabilities, increasing maritime security awareness, improving peacekeeping capacity, supporting humanitarian response and strengthening civilian and military defence institutions.

Considerably, the deals also include expansion of the Manda Bay Airfield in Lamu by building a 10,000-foot runway. The expanded facility provides Kenya the infrastructure they require to increase operations against the terrorist group al-Shabaab.

The US State Department Bureau of Counter-terrorism has also announced $18.7 million in order to help building the Kenyan criminal justice system’s ability to address terrorism threats. The funds will provide training, mentorship and investigators, forensic examiners, law enforcement, court officials and prosecutors.


However, the program will also provide a specialised training and mentorship for female law enforcement officers engaged in counterterrorism efforts and capacity-building measures.

President of US – Joe Biden has also informed Congress of his intention to designate Kenya as a Major Non-NATO Ally. The designation is granted by the United States to the countries with close and strategic working relationships with the US Military and Defence Civilians.

It allows the country to get benefit from such priority delivery of military equipment. Only three other countries, Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco have the same designation in the continent.

Notably, the administration of Joe Biden is the biggest funder and the vocal supporter for Kenya’s planned deployment of police officers to pacify Haiti under the United Nation’s Multinational Security Support Mission.

Also, Kenya will provide 1,000 of the 2,500 strong force, with other countries including Barbados, Bangladesh and Chad pledging to send police officers as well.