Lazarus Chakwera calls off Bahamas trip as VP Chilima goes missing

Malawi: The President of Malawi, Lazarus Chakwera has called off his trip to Bahamas where he was expected to attend the 31st AFREXIMBANK annual meeting. During his visit to the Caribbean nation, he would also have attended and Afri- Caribbean trade and Investment forum.

The President made this decision after the Malawi Defence Force Aircraft carrying the Vice President Dr. Saulosi Chilima and Nine others was reported missing. The President has confirmed that he would not be taking up the trip till the vice president and his company of nine are found.


The President received the news of the disappearance of the Malawi Defence Force Aircraft was relayed by the members of the President’s office and cabinet members. The Aircraft has left from the airport in Lilongwe on Monday at 9:17 hours.

The aircraft failed to make its scheduled landing at the Mzuzu  International Airport at 10:02. The aut

The aircraft has gone off the radar and the aviation authorities have not been able to establish contact with the aircraft. The Commander of the Malawi Defence force, General Valentino Phiri informed the President Dr. Lazarus Mc Cathy Chakwera of the incident.

The Malawian President responded to the news by cancelling his scheduled departure for the Bahamas. He has also ordered all regional and national agencies to conduct an immediate search and rescue operation.

The President has claimed that it is their priority to locate the whereabouts of the aircraft. He also noted that he will keep the public informed about all the new developments that emerge.

Chilima was travelling to Mzuzu to attend the burial of the late Ralph Kasambara, SC in Nkhata Bay. However, he could not make it to the venue to pay his final respects to the prominent lawyer of Malawi.


The leaders have shared that the members of the aviation authorities and leadership of the country are constantly engaged in looking for the missing aircraft. The safety of the Vice President and the people in his company is a priority of the organization.