Lighting project commences in Kalomo Town Council

Kalomo Town Council has embarked on a street lighting project for the various commuonites of the country in two phases

Kalomo Town Council lightning project
Kalomo Town Council lightning project

Zambia: Kalomo Town Council has embarked on a street lighting project for the country’s various communities. The project will see a stretch along the Great North Road in the central business district lighted up.

Kalomo Town Council Public Relations Officer Mary Muponda says the first phase of the project has been awarded to Saro Limited. The company received the tender for the project through the local authority’s locally sourced money amounting to over 830,000 Kwacha.


The Public Relations Officer claimed that the project will be completed in phases. Muponda explained that the first phase is expected to start from the Kalomo New Bus Station.

The officer further noted that the lighting project will lead up to Rubis filling station in town. Meanwhile, the second phase will continue from that point to Kalomo Urban Clinic.

According to the officials, the project is being helmed by the Word Bank funding.

The public relations officer added that the third phase would be along the same road, which is the major tarmac road in Kalomo. Under the 2024 funding, the project would also be continued up to Villa View Leisure Park along the Kalomo -Livingstone Road.

“This initiative marks the introduction of solar-powered street lights in Kalomo town, a first for the district. The chosen stretch for the initial phase of the project will run from the new bus station to Rubis filling station,” read part of the memo from the council.

The development follows concerns by Kalomo residents over lack of development in the township, despite the district being the first capital town of the country from 1905 to 1907.


Lately, some residents have taken to a social media platform called ‘Kalomo District Development Fora’ to air their development concerns, blaming the local leadership for the lack of political will to develop the area.

The people of the district have extended their best wishes to the stakeholders of the project.