Mauritius: Coronary Care Unit of Dr A.G Jeetoo Hospital wins Gold at Public Service Excellence Award

Mauritius: The winners of the 15th edition of the Public Service Excellence Award were rewarded during an award ceremony held at the Caudan Arts Centre, in Port-Louis. The Coronary Care Unit of Dr A.G Jeetoo Hospital bagged the Gold Award.

The Vice-President of the Republic of Mauritius, Mr Marie Cyril Eddy Boissézon, the Minister of Public Service, Administrative and Institutional Reforms, Mr Teeruthraj Hurdoyal, and other eminent personalities were present at the award ceremony.


In a statement, Minister Hurdoyal, extended his appreciation to all the 40 public organisations which participated in the award competition. He congratulated the winners who have excelled in adopting innovative management approaches and made visible breakthrough in public service delivery.

He highlighted that 2022 award ceremony coincides with the celebration of the 55th anniversary of the independence of the country under the theme “A citizen-centric Public Service to accelerate socio-economic development”. The theme is most filing and appropriate because our citizens deserve quality service that meet their expectations, he said.

The Minister further emphasised on the pivotal role and contribution of the public service to the socio-economic development of the country while stressing on the need for the public service to become more functional, modern and effective in responding to the aspirations and demands of the public.

He seized this opportunity to pay tribute to all the public officers, including the retired ones, for their contribution in shaping the Mauritius of today and propelling our country to new heights of development.

Minister Hurdoyal, moreover, dwelt on the current and upcoming challenges in the wake of technological advances and observed that it is imperative for the public service to embrace cutting-edge technologies to meet the exigencies of the highly competitive business environment and keep pace with the evolving demands of the public.

He enumerated several measures implemented in the public sector to facilitate the adoption of innovative technologies in Ministries and Departments and respond to the needs of citizens. They are: setting-up of the Mauritius Research and Innovation Council; introduction of a Sandbox Framework; and implementation of a Human Resource Management System.


Minister Hurdoyal also reiterated Government’s commitment to transform the public sector into a flexible and modern entity capable of delivering customer-focused services to all citizens and the business community.

Public Service Excellence Award

The Public Service Excellence Award was introduced in 2006 with the aim to provide public institutions with the necessary tool to continuously improve ways of doing business as well as to enhance quality of public services and achieve higher customer satisfaction. As at now, the Award has attracted around 600 public organisations since its inception.

The event also provides public institutions with an opportunity to showcase their innovation and creativity in the delivery of public services by thinking out-of-the box and come up with new strategies and solutions to respond to public demands.

The winners of the Public Service Excellence Award 2022 are as follows:

Ministries and Departments
Gold Award – Coronary Care Unit, Dr A.G Jeetoo Hospital
Silver Award – Computer Emergency Response Team of Mauritius (CERT- MU)
Bronze Award – National Assembly

Local Authorities
Gold Award – City Council of Port Louis
Silver Award – Association of Urban Authorities
Bronze Award – District Council of Savanne

Disciplined Forces
Gold Award – Mauritius Fire and Rescue Service – Fire Safety Division
Silver Award – Mauritius Prison Service
Bronze Award (Ex Aequo) – No 1 Patrol Vessels Squadron of the National Coast Guard and the Police Crime Prevention Unit