Museveni meets Kenyan delegation to stir up peace discussion in Great Lakes Region

Kenyan President Yoweri Museveni‘ has met with all representatives of Kenya led by the former Vice President, ‘Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka’ and the location was State House, Entebbe, in order to take consultations on the peace process in the Great Lakes Region. 

During the conference, Museveni called them for showing unity as the foundation of peace and for nationalism as the basis for building strong armies. 

In the war against ‘Idi Amin’, he stated that the freedom fighters were not paid, but we managed to work well. Therefore, desist from building the army with money. Use freedom fighters to build the army.

On his part, Musyeka praised Museveni’s advice and requested another conference to iron out details of the discussions. 

He further praised the Ugandan president for how he fought for poverty in Kenya. 

Many other presidents were present at the conference, including Senator Gideon Moi, the High Commissioner of Kenya to Uganda, Amb. Kennedy Mokaya, Uganda’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Gen. Jeje Odongo, Hon. Betty Bigombe and the acting. Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Amb. Arthur Kafeero.

About Museveni:

Yoweri Kaguta Tibuhaburwa Museveni is a famous Ugandan politician, and he is also a retired senior military officer who is the ninth & present President of Uganda. Yoweri Museveni was involved in revolutions that overturned Ugandan presidents Milton Obote and Idi Amin before capturing power in 1986.

He also tweeted by writing, “I hosted a Kenyan delegation led by the former Vice President H.E Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka, at Nakasero State Lodge. We held talks on the peace process in the Great Lakes Region. I also made a case for unity and patriotism as the basis for building strong armies.”

And he got a good comeback from his meeting. People praised him, and there were some who thanked him for his step. 

There was one viewer named ‘Sebunya Shafiq’ who stated, “Thanks for promoting Pan Africanism. We need to build strong armies to defend ourselves,” and with this, he posted a picture too. 

Another viewer, ‘MAIKI EMMA’, said, That looks good and thanks, but our beloved brothers are still in prison; please think about them since you are born again. Please, president Museveni, I need your help with our family. I will not fear to ask because of people’s words but help me with a motorbike for business to help.

People also wrote, “You wish, people’s is Raila Odinga so better prepared for a Raila presidency.”