People are expecting to celebrate Tusker Lite Full Moon rave this Saturday

Africa: As the Easter period is coming close, and party animals are already expecting the beach party of the month, that is, The Full moon Rave.

The event offers a mix of diverse thrilling party tunes from over 20 different DJs playing at two distinct stages during the event with Tusker Lite on board.


The premium beer brand, which is popularly known to be involved with the Popular Tusker Lite Neon Rave parties that crossed and inspired the country pre-Covid, has promised nothing short of exceptional moments.

Tusker Lite Brand Manager Elizabeth Mutamuliza’ “We are thrilled because this mini-festival will be one to go down in history for Tusker Lite! We have our consumers at the front and centre of mind and guarantee them the ultimate unforgettable experience and cannot wait to share in your festival moments come Rave night!” shared Tusker Lite Brand Manager Elizabeth Mutamuliza.

The Rave, which is Phase One of the famed Nyege Nyege festival, will take place at Nature’s Green Beach Resort in Busabala for a night full of fun and exciting events beneath the Full Moon.

Raindrops, Afrorack, Little Black Kid, Siyan, FLO, PO, Nsasi, Aweko Brian, Soul Tribe, and many others will be performing.

World-class performers such as magicians, percussionists, UV face and body paint, a thematic photo booth, and a full dose of thrills and outdoor gaming experiences by the lake will be included at the event.

The mini-festival that is similar to the Thailand Full Moon Parties will have gates opening from midday into Easter Sunday morning with tickets going for Shs40,000 at the gate and VIPs at Shs400,000.

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