PM Roosevelt Skerrit thanks China for support in agriculture sector

Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister of Dominica thanked China for their constant support in the development of Dominica’s agriculture sector

PM Roosevelt Skerrit thanks China for support in agriculture sector, Image: facebook
PM Roosevelt Skerrit thanks China for support in agriculture sector, Image: facebook

Dominica: Roosevelt Skerrit, Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, thanked the People’s Republic of China for their constant support in the development of Dominica’s agriculture sector. The Prime Minister made these remarks during the Receiving Ceremony Dominica-China Modern Agricultural Centre.

The receiving ceremony event was hosted on February 4, 2024, with several important members of the government in attendance. Minister of Agriculture, blue and green economy et al, Roland Royer was also present at the event along with other Ministers of Dominica’s Cabinet.


The Skerrit led administration is extremely excited for the development of the agriculture sector. Accordingly, Prime Minister Skerrit announced that “Agriculture remains the number one priority in our country.”

He stated they will continue working with People’s Republic of China and continue the investments in agriculture to ensure its sustainability. During the receiving ceremony, PM Skerrit talked about the positive impacts of the partnership between the two nations.

“There is no doubt that the relationship between Dominica and China has resulted in tremendous positive benefits to the people of Dominica in every sphere of our development.” said the Prime Minister

He further recollected how china has supported the development of the agriculture sector of Dominica for almost two decades.

“I remember when I met with the Vice President of the People’s Republic of China in Jamaica in 2005. I said to him I wish for China to support us in agriculture. Within two weeks of that meeting, the team came to Dominica to establish the technical mission.” PM Skerrit recollected.

He acknowledged that ever since, the country has invested significantly in the agriculture sector and extended his sincere gratitude to the country. The Prime Minister further noted that with the help of Chinese technology, the country has been able to strengthen food security.


“As the years go by, we are strengthening that partnership and collaboration to ensure it helps the farmers, farming community and the agriculture sector even more.” PM Skerrit noted.

Further, the Prime Minister promised that they would tour the culture lab that is currently under construction. Skerrit believes that the lab will help transform the agriculture sector in Dominica.

He asserted that with tissue culture, seedlings and plants, they can minimize the impact of pests and diseases on the agricultural sector. Pests and diseases are major causes of concern as they cost the farmers a significant amount to treat and take from their profit margin.

“If we can overcome this in some respects then certainly that will help in ensure greater profitability and less loss for farmers.” Noted PM Roosevelt Skerrit.

Further in his address, the Prime Minister supported the use of technology in the agriculture sector of the country. He pledged to support the agriculture ministry to ensure that they can use technology in the commercial aspect.

“What I would like to see in Dominica is that a guy can be sitting at his desk at a national bank and he can pull up his iPad on his cellphone and look at his farm and ensure that the system is working and it can apply the fertilizer to his system.” PM Skerrit remarked

The Prime Minister then spoke of the use of solar energy to generate electricity and propel the system. He noted that they have everything that is required to advance the use of technology in agriculture.

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit also urged the people of the country to buy locally and benefit the farmers. “The real power of ensuring that farmers benefit from their hard work rest with the consumers.” PM Skerrit announced.

He remarked that as Dominicans and as consumers, we must make an effort to buy what is grown locally from our farmers. And if we go to the supermarkets and we demand locally produced items, then the supermarkets will sell them.

The Prime Minister stressed that it is important for us to buy locally to help the local economy. This will also help the farmers generate more revenue from their farms, encourage them to grow more, and ensure food security and sustainability.