Robbers steals cash and valuables from seven schools in last two weeks

Zimbabwe: Seven schools were robbed in the last two weeks. Some people feared to be inside the schools while doing their job, as criminals sought cash and other valuables after the beginning of the second term.

The fees that are accepted in cash rather than electronic transfers or direct bank payments has enticed the criminals to steal the cash and valuable properties such as laptops and tablets.

All in whole, the main target was the cash, as most of the robberies have happened during the night between April 25, 2024 and May 13, 2024, while using almost the same modus operandi of attacking security guards before getting away with the cash and valuables.

Reportedly, one of the robberies was conducted in broad daylight in Warren Park, Harare, where six men posed as parents intended to pay school fees or looked for the places for their children’s safety, when suddenly the robbers pointed a pistol at the headmaster before running away with the cash.

Most of the cases of robbery were reported around the regions of Harare, Chitungwiza and Kadoma with police setting up a special team of detectives to investigate these robberies.

As per the sources, the National Police Spokesperson Assistant Commissioner – Paul Nyathi last night confirmed the seven cases that were reported between April 25 and May 13, amidst the suspicions that some could be inside jobs.

Assistant commissioner Paul Nyathi
Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi

Nyathi stated further that they have always warned school authorities to make sure that the fees and related payments are deposited through financial institutions. The inspector denied the parents from making any cash payments at school premises.

It has been appeared that some of the suspects might be receiving inside information, so definitely there is a need for school authorities to ensure that there is no cash at the school premises.

Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said that on May 07, 2024 at Warren Park 3 Primary School, robbers grabbed US $1500 during day time, when people were paying the fees. The gang then pointed a pistol at the headmaster – Batsirai Mhosira aged 54, who demands all the money at the school.

According to the reports, Mhosira was ordered to lie on the floor and his hands were tied. The four-armed robbers were then forced, march school bursar – Grace Hwekwete aged 50, at the gunpoint to the safe from which they took all the money.

The robbers than dragged the bursar to the headmaster’s office and tied her hands, by taking away her handbag and cellphone. They locked the headmaster’s office and drove off from the school.

The attack was then witnessed by some parents who were at the school premises. Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi on April 25 at Lytton Primary School in Harare that the armed robbers attacked a security guard during the night and took away US $265 from safe and several laptops.

Then on April 28, 2024 Tafadzwa Primary School in Unit L, Seke, armed robbers raided the school at 2:00 a.m. and also attacked a security guard. They then only managed to get away with the two laptops valued at US $677 after failed in finding any cash.

Spokesperson for Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Paul Nyathi then said on April 30, 2024 at Widdicombe Primary School in Hatfield as about six suspected robbers have arrived at the school around 6:00 p.m. where they have stolen US $2772 cash and fuel coupons. The total value for the stolen money was counted US $5300.

Furthermore, on May 08, 2024 at Ngezi Salvation Army Secondary School in Kadoma robbers stole US $1000 and US $180 from a caretaker.

Assistant Commissioner Nyathi stated further that on May 10 at Glen Norah 2 High School, robbers stole US $1900 after attacking a security guard. Then at George Stark High in Mbare on the same day, robbers stole laptops that valued US $1500.