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Melissa Skerrit shares glimpses from Dominica Carnival

The parliamentary representative of the Roseau Central shared some glimpses from the ongoing carnival of the country.

White Light Entertainment celebrates 64th Independence Day of Cameroon

White Light Entertainment, a popular African social media and YouTube handle wished Cameroon on the 64th year of their independence.

South Africa celebrates Africa Day 2023, recognizes indigenous culture and heritage

South Africa: In South Africa, the month of May, is annually recognized as Africa Month and is linked directly to supporting and strengthening Africa Day.

Know Here: Who is Amanda Chisom, owner of top PR firm in Nigeria

Nigeria: Amanda Chisom (born on 22 June 1988) is a mediapreneur, social influencer, opinion blogger, and youth and children's rights activist. She is known for media and communication consulting, and she owns one of the top PR/branding firms in Nigeria, as well as a property company.
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