Teen mothers from Kandanzovu urge fellow moms to return to school

Zambia: Two teenage mothers from Kandanzovu area in Kalomo District have appealed to their fellow young mothers to come back to school. The call came in light of the government’s determination to encourage young women to complete their education.

Many young mothers have to drop out of school and leave their education due to their pregnancy and responsibilities of their children. This can have an extremely negative impact on the lives and futures of these girls .

Due to their incomplete education, these young women can often end up with lesser opportunities for their future. In a bid to protect the girls from such a fate, the government of Zambia has taken the initiative to introduce the re-entry programme.

The young mothers who may have dropped out of school after becoming pregnant in order to give birth should have the right to go back and complete their education. Several local authorities, traditional leaders have also urged the teenaged mothers to continue their education.

The administration of Zambia has hosted a number of workshops and awareness initiatives in line with the same. Inspired by the government’s efforts and in pursuing their dreams, the two teenage mothers from Kandanzovu have decided to return to school.

The two girls are aged 17 and 19 and they both dropped out of school in 2022 when they were in grade 10. The two girls were studying at Kandanzovu Combined School where they were impregnated by their fellow students.

The 17-year-old girl shared  she gave birth to triplets in November 2022 after she was impregnated by her fellow pupil. She explains that she dedicated the whole of 2023 to taking care of her triplets.

However, she has decided to go back to school this year. Meanwhile, the 19-year-old mother has encouraged girls who fall pregnant while at school to utilize the Re-entry Policy and pursue their careers.

She says with free primary and secondary school education, she will work hard and fulfill her childhood dream of joining the defence force as a Soldier.