Thousands suffered at Entebbe Airport several hours after RwandAir plane skidded off runway

People who were present at the Entebbe Airport remain left in the airport terminals, over 12 hours since a RwandAir plane skidded off the runway.

As per the passengers who were present at the airport, some passengers had flights meant for 10:00 am local time and were yet to board by 10:00 pm local time.


According to one of the passengers, “We have been at the airport since 5:30 am, and it is coming to 10:00 am with flights being cancelled after all these hours.”

According to the Uganda Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) spokesperson, ‘Vianney Luggya, tweeted on Wednesday evening that the airport’s main runway (17/35) had been opened and flights given clearance to resume; however, many passengers who were present at the airport denied the CAA claim and stated that no plane was taking off or landing.

After the CAA tweet, one of the passengers also tweeted, “Why are you not telling the truth, Entebbe airport is filled with thousands of passengers, and no flight is taking off. What is happening? All passengers want o take their flights on time. Please tell the truth to the passengers that no flight is taking off or landing.”

Another passenger stated that the most frustrating moment was no one was available on the ground to give passengers any information about their flights.

“We are still standing and waiting,” he told this further.

Moreover, this website has also been needed to understand that some inbound flights were diverted to Nairobi.


Our actions to get the CAA mouthpiece to comment on the passengers’ complaints proved futile as his known phone number was switched off.

One of the commercial planes that belonged to Rwanda’s national carrier, RwandAir, caused a crash scare at Entebbe airport Wednesday morning when it skidded off the runway.

The craft, numbered 464-in-bound from Kigali, reportedly went off the runway at around 5:00 am.

Airport CAA blamed the bad weather for the incident but stated that all passengers had been disembarked safely and the entire situation was in control.

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