UWP’s political agendas may disrupt ongoing development in Dominica

Dominica: The opposition political party of Dominica, United Workers Party led by Thompson Fontaine is trying hard to stop the construction of the International Airport of Dominica. The project, which is one of the biggest developmental ventures of the country, is under threat because of the actions of UWP

In a recent radio show, the leader of United Workers party, Thompson Fontaine announced their stance against the construction of the International Airport. Through his stance, it can be inferred that he and his political party are working towards disrupting the progress of the nation.


During the radio show, UWP leader Fontaine and former leader of the opposition, Lennox Linton announced that they would utilize any means necessary to halt the development. The International Airport project would boost the tourism sector of Dominica.

However, the opposition’s direct attack against the project is proof that the party does not care about the welfare of the nation above their own selfish agendas. The opposition of the Commonwealth of Dominica also announced that they would go to court in order to halt this development.

Even though both Fontaine and Linton have made these claims a few times, the lack of any concrete evidence against the project have kept them out of court yet. The actions of the United Workers Party leadership are a clear indication of their efforts to defame the nation on a global stage.

The UWP has made several baseless claims, with the aim of hampering the reputation of the government of Dominica. While the administration of Dominica has been constantly engaged in rebuilding after the Hurricane Maria, the opposition is on a different track altogether.

They are undermining the efforts of the government and making efforts to halt crucial developmental projects. Further, over the years, the former leader of the opposition, Lennox Linton has been found being involved in several defamatory report and corrupt practices.

The international experts believe that if the United Workers Party succeeds in their effort to stop the construction of the International Airport, the consequences of the act would be akin to the damage of a nuclear bomb.


The actions of the United Workers Party prove that they are not only against the development of the International Airport, but also the development of the country.

Stopping the construction of the International Airport will also affect the livelihood of the people of Dominica. This is because the people of the country are getting employment opportunities through the development.

It is also to be noted that the United Workers Party had recently called on the people of the country to participate in the “Do nothing Campaign” Through the campaign launched in March 2024, the opposition asked the people to stay idle and not participate in any productive activities.

They encouraged the people to become unproductive and lethargic. The campaign faced severe backlash from the people of the country who understood that the campaign did not serve any practical purposes.