Zambia Air Force Academy hosts Cadet Military Training

Zambia: The Zambia Air Force Academy (ZAFA) has geared up to host No.47 Officers' Cadet Military Training, expected to commence in a few weeks.

Zambia: The Zambia Air Force Academy (ZAFA) has geared up to host No.47 Officers’ Cadet Military Training, expected to commence in a few weeks.

The training school officially opened the No.47 Officer Cadets Pre-Course mentorship workshop on Wednesday, 13 September 2023.

Zambia Air Force (ZAF) Training Command Air Officer Commanding (AOC Trg Cmd), Col Kishor Moono, officiated at the pre-course workshop prior to the commencement of No. 47 Officer Cadets’ Initial Military Training Course.

Col. Moono stated that the workshop had been tailored to equip the faculty with the necessary information and knowledge to assist them in effectively and efficiently discharge their duties and tasks at the Academy.

The AOC Training Command spoke on the importance of teamwork and quoted the Chinese Military Strategist General Sun Tzu, who said, “..the most successful leaders do not rely too much on individuals but instead pick the right people to form teams to handle every situation because using teams maximizes the effect of combined energy and wisdom, and that does not overstress an individual”.

He further implored the school faculty to maintain high levels of discipline while at the Academy, as it is the cornerstone of any military institution. Commanding Officer Zambia Air Force Academy (CO ZAFA), Lt Col Raphael Chimfwembe, who hosted the event, stated that the personnel forming the school faculty were drawn from various Air Force Formations and from different branches.

Lt Col Chifwembwe guided the faculty on the need to commit during the training, and he quoted Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery saying, “We must pay particular attention to the training of our junior officers as they will be the commanders in tomorrow’s war”.

The CO ZAFA was confident that the team of Directing Staff and Instructors would execute the mandate given by Air Force Command, which is to produce officers well vested in the discharge of military duty as per expectations of a member of the officers’ corp, vibrant in task execution and also an embodiment of the phrase “proper”.

He further mentioned that school was the most potent means of skill acquisition and behavioural change in any society.

ZAFA is an Air Force Academy charged with the responsibility of training Officer’s Cadets into Officers. The Academy will soon open and shut its doors to welcome Cadets who will only return back to society ‘properly converted’ to save mother Zambia unconditionally.