Col Nelson Aheebwa speaks about social media users

Col Nelson Aheebwa was appointed the new UPDF deputy chief political commissar by Nathan three years back, and today he is invited to the NTV Uganda, where he spoke about the uses of Social Media.

Aheebwa totally went against social media and stated that people have no sense of awareness about the content because they always post shitty things. 

“Even if something is true, you need to be sensitive about how you talk about it on social media. If you saw your mother sitted badly, would you pull out a phone and take a picture to share on social media? Ask yourself. – Col Nelson Aheebwa”

Their main topic of discussion was Social Media, and many other guests were also invited who talked and gave their own opinion. 

According to Nantongo Ziporah Baagala, Vice President of Patriotism Club of MSNM, “Change starts with you. These days youths call corruption connections. You might think that you are not corrupt, yet you want a connection. 

We all know from our different faith that seeing is bad. But if your leader in the faith committee is a crime, do you stop going to church or mosque?!! Let us not take people in the big office as an excuse. But let the change start with You or me., said Col Nelson Aheebwa.

I would like the youth to look at Uganda as a land of opportunities. Identify every opportunity that you see and act upon it. – Col Nelson Aheebwa 

I am urging the Youth that the speed they use to make memes of soccer or who has also bleached to use it to spread the gospel about the beauty of Uganda on social media. – Nantongo Ziporah Baagala, Vice President Patriotism Club of MSNM.