Debate over women’s rights in Egypt has been fueled by a viral dance video

Several questions were raised on women’s rights after the Egyptian woman, mother of three kids video got viral on numerous social media accounts and promoted her husband to divorce her wife and her employees to seek her has reignited.

The mobile phone video of Aya Youssefwho is the residence of Cairo, a 30-year-old primary school teacher. In that video, she wore a headscarf, trousers and a long-sleeved top as she danced alongside colleagues, smiling as she was enjoying a river cruise on the Nile.

The video, which has been shared widely, is an old video since posted earlier this month, but now so many opinions are added to this video.

Some critics criticise her that she is breaking the traditional values of the Muslim community—however, some stand with her in solidarity.

In recent years, Egypt has witnessed several cases in which critics defame women and women are constantly subjected and questioned, especially on social media, stirring angry demands for those responsible for being held to account.

It comes as human rights groups warn of a broader crackdown on freedom in the increasingly conservative North African nation since president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi took office in 2014.

However, according to the statement of Youssef, in an interview, “she is happy on the trip and while dancing and her moves were spontaneous.”

Others colleagues of her also danced along with her on the boat in the sunshine. Some were waving their hands in the air, “All of us were dancing,” she added.

However, after the video got viral on various social media platforms, people made their own perspectives as per their thinking.

According to one twitter handler, Jihad al-Qalyubi teachers’ actions were shameful for their community.

Another man, Ahmed al-Beheiry, said he couldn’t fathom how a married woman can dance like this in this lewd way.

However, this is the same country where 90 percent of women aged between 18 to 40 reported being harassed sexually, according to their one survey.