FIFA praises Football Association of Zambia for successfully launching School Programs

The program involved Football Association of Zambia, Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Youth Sports and Arts.


The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has successfully launched the Football for Schools Program, for which they were praised by FIFA.

According to the sources, the FIFA Football for Schools program was launched at the weekend. Fifty teachers, five in each province, were trained to teach others as the program cascaded to the lower levels.

Reportedly, the school’s program is expected to benefit Six hundred primary schools in ten provinces of the country during the first phase.

The program involved the Football Association of Zambia, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Youth Sports and Arts.

Football Association of Zambia
Football Association of Zambia

Considerably, the Director of FIFA Football for Schools – Fatimata Sidibe wrote a letter to the President of Football of Association – Andrew Kamanga in which praised and said that the launch was a huge success.

Director Sidibe also wrote that the launch of Football for Schools was a resounding success and mentioned that it would have not have been possible without the close collaboration of the Football Association of Zambia. She said, “It was a great team effort!”

She added that they had joined forces to use their beloved sport for the benefit of children and young people.

Football Association of Zambia launched Football School Programs
Football Association of Zambia launched Football School Programs

The director of FIFA Football for Schools also expressed that the launch has also created unique life experiences both on and off the pitch that left a positive impact on the lives of everyone who took part and their community.

Many people have expressed their views and opinions in the comment section after FIFA praised FAZ.

A person named Jamali Jay Ngoma commented, “lets talk about football academies in Zambia where I don’t think there’s any like in some other countries in Africa How important can football academies be in improving the quality of football.”

Another person Joseph Zulu wrote, “This program was there in decades ago in UNIP government. Apart from School Football we had intercompound football league which was very active during holidays. Both programs worked well for talent discovery. Inroduction of school football league in provinces is way to go than holding one tournament where all schools meet and a champion comes from there. round robin league is better for talent identification.”

James Phiri expressed, “This is very wrong there is no serious football in schools no serious practical coaches. Football in community-based soccer academies. Where you were wrongly advised.”