Johannesburg: 10 robbers killed, 5 police officers wounded in attack

Johannesburg: The police watchdog stated that the number of robbers killed during a foiled cash heist in South Africa rose to 10. This is one of the country’s deadliest shootouts in recent years.

As per the Police Minister, ‘Bheki Cele’ statement earlier, as per the reports, police killed eight suspects planning to attack a vehicle carrying a heavy amount of cash in their car.

But as per the country’s Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) spokeswoman, ‘Grace Langa’, reported that ten people were killed instead of eight, with five police officers injured.

Police worked on a tip-off and deployed a helicopter to fend off planned cash in transit robbery in southern Johannesburg’s suburb of Rosettenville.

The suspects first fired at police when police were in the chopper and injured the pilot. That is a thing that forced the police to shoot back.

They then shot the helicopter before anybody did anything to them,” As per the resources who were present at the crime location, they first shot the police.”

According to the minister, the gang was about 25 gunmen from the southeastern KwaZulu-Natal region and from neighbouring Zimbabwe and Botswana who were involved in the attempted robbery.

He said that eight of the surviving gang members were arrested, and the rest were on the run.

The main aim of the robbers often is to target the vehicles that transport the cash in crime-ridden South Africa.

The last week report indicated that 60 cash in transit robberies happened between October and December 2021, a very slight drop from the same period in 2020.

Furthermore, he stated that eight of the surviving gang members were killed and as per reports rest are on the run.