Maloto Chimkombero, Mathews Malata applauds CS-EPWP

Renowned Environmental experts in Malawi, Maloto Chimkombero and Mathews Malata, have commended the World Bank-funded CS-EPWP

Malawi: Renowned Environmental experts in Malawi, Maloto Chimkombero and Mathews Malata, have commended the World Bank-funded Climate Smart-Enhanced Public Works programme. The programme is working towards encouraging farmers to adopt modern agriculture techniques in the country.

Both the environmental experts shared views on the Climate Smart-Enhanced Public Works programme. They announced that it has a positive impact as far as environmental conservation issues are concerned.


The people of the country are also extremely happy to be working under the programme. Under this initiative, many previously unemployed persons are getting secured employment in government projects.

One of the environmental experts, Chimkombero, has since encouraged community members to continue participating in the programme. According to him, the project is improving the livelihoods of the people of Malawi through income-generating activities.

At the same time, the programme is also helping to restore the degraded land of the country.

“The programme has successfully met its objectives to make a positive impact on the lives of the people involved, and those that are not participating should do so for the country to benefit a lot,” Said Maloto Chimkombero.

Meanwhile, Mathews Malata said community contribution to the programme has helped to improve the survival rate of trees.  The environmental expert stated that people have held themselves responsible for taking care of the trees in their catchment areas.

The communities understand the significance of protecting the natural environment of the country. Deforestation in communities is expected to have adverse consequences for the people.


Some of the beneficiaries of the CSE Public Works programme in the lakeshore district of Nkhotakota have since appreciated the programme saying it is addressing challenges related to climate change in the district.

Beneficiaries in the programme are encouraged to participate in the programme’s sub-activities like tree planting, gully reclamation, and construction of swales, just to mention a few.

The multi-billion Kwacha Climate Smart Enhanced Public Works Programme is being implemented by the National Local Governance Finance Committee (NLGFC