MEC Majuba addresses Bushbuckridge Local Municipality students

Addressing all grade 12 learners of Mkhuhlu Circuit in Bushbuckridge Local Municipality this afternoon, MEC Majuba requested them to go the extra mile to improve their learning outcomes.

South Africa: Addressing all grade 12 learners of Mkhuhlu Circuit in Bushbuckridge Local Municipality this afternoon, MEC Majuba requested them to go the extra mile to improve their learning outcomes.

In this regard, MEC Majuba said: “We wish and expect that you can surpass all the previous National Senior Certificate Examination Results, both qualitative and quantitative.”


This District did that last year; they rose above the expected norm and became the overall best District in the Province.

This was after it registered an impressive 79.3% pass rate which is an improvement of 5.1% to the 74.2% pass rate obtained in 2021 in the 2022 National Senior Certificate Examination. We will not cease to thank all role-plays of this District under the capable stewardship of the District Director, Ms Lorraine Goba. Surely, congratulations are still in order to you and your team; keep up the good work, said MEC Majuba.

As if that was not enough, a Grade 12 learner from Chayaza Secondary School, namely Blasset Best Ngoveni as well as Tebogo Mashego from Acorn to Oaks Secondary School, obtained distinctions in Mathematics last year. They obtained 300 out of 300 in Mathematics, which is a 100% pass rate.

Blasset Best Ngoveni is now a student at the University of Witwatersrand studying Computer Science, while Tebogo Mashego is now studying towards a Financial Accounting Degree, aspiring to be a Chartered Accountant.

These are not the only gems that come from this educational eden, which is Bohlabela District. Glen Mahaule from Makhosana Manzini Secondary School was the best learner in Physical Science. He obtained 300 out of 300 in Physical Science, which is a 100% pass rate. Glen is currently studying Medicine also in the University of Witwatersrand.

Maritze Vaninga from Acorn to Oaks Secondary School was the first top learner in Life Science, Physical Science and Mathematics.


She obtained 300 out of 300 in Mathematics, 299 out of 300 in Physical Science and 291 out of 300 in Life Sciences; Vaninga is also studying Medicine at the University of Cape Town.

Vukosi Mnisi from Frank Maghinyana Secondary School hoisted our flag with pride by being the overall best learner in History. He obtained 285 out of 300 in History last year, which made him the overall best learner in the Province for this subject.

Vukosi is currently studying towards a Bachelor in Education at the University of KwaZulu Natal. All these learners catapulted Bohlabela into a force to reckon with here in Mpumalanga.

We can only look forward to even more great performances from you; hence I call you – ” the Class of Dreams.” We are fully aware that it is one thing to have dreams, but it’s another to take action and turn those dreams into reality. You are not only dreamers but doers, and therefore, your actions and commitment this year must solidify Bohlabela District as the true District of Excellence., said Majuba. 

Further, Majuba asserted, “I want to see this District counted amongst the best in the Country when the National Senior Certificate Examination Results are announced by the Minister of Basic Education in January 2024. We are cognizant of the reality that the road to success has obstacles, but we are here to urge you to soldier on, no matter how difficult the circumstances.”

While others give up and turn around, you must push your way through to be counted amongst the best of the best. What your brothers and sisters achieved last year by making this District number one in the Province is phenomenal, said Majuba. 

You, too, can free your potential and put this District on top of the success pedestal. It is possible; it is in your hands. Programme Director, The Department has 71 Circuits, and all of them administered the National Senior Certificate Examination in 2022.

Mkhuhlu Circuit registered a 77,1% pass rate which placed the Circuit number 40 out of 71 Circuits in the Province. When we look at how your schools performed, we noted that:

  • Chayaza Secondary School registered a 53.8% pass rate last year.
  • ML Nkuna Secondary School obtained a 77.7% pass rate.
  • Mkhuhlu Secondary School registered a 68.8% pass rate.
  • Makhosana Manzini Secondary School, which is our hosting school today, obtained a 77.2% pass rate.
  • Madzuma Secondary School obtained an impressive 84.1% pass rate.
  • Mkhukhumba Secondary School obtained an impressive 86.7% pass rate.
  • Dumisani Secondary School obtained a commendable 94.1% pass rate.
  • Mbhandule Secondary School registered an outstanding 96% pass rate.
  • Mandodo Secondary School obtained an outstanding 96.3% pass rate.
  • Gezingqondo Secondary School registered an impressive 97.8% pass rate and
  • WEM Independent School registered an outstanding 100% pass rate.

According to MEC Majuba, “We are deliberately presenting these results so that you can be aware of how your schools performed last year and for you to make a conscious decision to improve the results of your school this time around. It is all in your hands; you can change the way people look at you and your school for the better.”

All that you need to do is to take a position and work smarter and harder than before – respect your teachers, pay attention to what they are telling you and walk an extra mile in your school work. You must stop blaming your environment and others for your lack of focus and laziness but look at the positive side of things and make things work for you, he said. 

It is only you who must rise to the occasion in order to be counted amongst the best of the best. When I said you are the Class of Dreams, I was thinking of the famous quotation by the late Martin Luther King where he said:

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character”.

Indeed, our children must at all times possess a character full of humility, wisdom, integrity, self-discipline and accountability, and that is the character of a winning learner.

As a Department, we are here to touch base with the CEOs of tomorrow because the great Sizwe Nxasana, former CEO of First Rand Bank, was once a learner like yourself.

We are here to speak to the future MECs because even I once sat for a matric examination like you will soon do. We have come to address technology giants of the coming years just as the founder of Tesla, Ellon Musk, was himself once a matriculant.

My children, you are the best that the future has to offer, and we cannot wait to busk in your greatness.