PM Roosevelt Skerrit meets Titular Archbishop of Gabala

Dominica: The Prime Minister of the commonwealth of Dominica, Dr Roosevelt Skerrit met Santiago De Wit Guzman, Titular Archbishop of Gabala. He will serve as the Apostolic Nuncio to the Commonwealth of Dominica.

The Prime Minister met Reverend Santiago for a courtesy call on Wednesday when the former visited him at his office. PM Skerrit shared some glimpses from the meeting in the office of the Prime Minister on is social media.

He highlighted that he was delighted and honored to welcome the diplomat for the meeting. The arrival of the Titular Archbishop of Gabala is a step towards strengthening the diplomatic ties of Dominica with the rest of the world.

PM Skerrit highlighted that the Titular Archbishop of Gabala was accompanying other ecclesial diplomats. The attendants of the courtesy call included:

  • Archbishop of Castries, Saint Lucia Gabriel Malzaire,
  • Bishop Elect of the Diocese of Roseau, Reverand Father Kendrick Forbes
  • Reverand Father Josué Frédéric Ilboudo.

The Prime Minister highlighted that he was  honored to be in the company of these learned people. During the courtesy call, they discussed ways to work together for the betterment of the country and its people.

Santiago De Wit Guzman also met with the President of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Sylvanie Burton. During the meeting with the head of State, he presented her with his Letter of Credence.

Further, during the said meeting, Santiago De Wit Guzman highlighted the strong relationship that has formed between Holy See and Dominica. He noted that the two organizations enjoy a strong bond both on bilateral and multilateral front.

The President of the Commonwealth of Dominica took the opportunity to call for unity in addressing the challenges that the world continues to face. She also brought to the focus of the holy see diplomat the challenges of Small Island Developing states such as Dominica.

She highlighted that they need the support of the international community to deal with the crises that they face. Meanwhile, the people of Dominica appreciated PM Roosevelt Skerrit for his constant efforts to engage with international partners for the benefit of Dominica.