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Kraaifontein police in action to search a mother of four

Distressed family of Lilly has expressed the concern and stated that it is out of character for de Lilly to vanish in such a manner, that has heightened their apprehensions about her well-being.

Decomposed body found in Kalomo, investigation underway

The police force has discovered discovered decomposed remains of a man in the Kalomo District. The victim was allegedly between 40-45 years.

ZRP investigates mob assault and two death cases

ZRP is searching identities of men involved in the criminal incidents that happened recently as their occurrence is a cause of concern

Lusaka Police probe Viral Video torture allegations

Lusaka Zambia Police are getting complaints because of a disturbing viral video that is circulating on all social media platforms in Lusaka. Police reported this viral video case on Sunday.

12 captured in FISP scam in Petauke

Zambia (Petauke): Twelve people, including two government officers, have been arrested by police in Petauke following the theft of government fertilizer designated for the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP).