Kraaifontein police in action to search a mother of four

Western Cape: Kraaifontein police is investigating the case of mysterious disappearance of a mother of four. Identified as Portia de Lilly, aged 40 got vanished on last Wednesday, and subsequently departed from her residence on Gunning Street in Scottsville.

The distressed family of Lilly has expressed the concern and stated that it is out of character for de Lilly to vanish in such a manner, that has heightened their apprehensions about her well-being.

Mother of Engela Gordon said that they have not closed an eye for eight days since Portia disappeared.

Gordon also emphasised an emotional toll on her grandchildren who has been too distraught to attend the school due to their intense worry.

She added, “Portia did not work and she with her children lived here by us in Gunning Street in Scottsville. Last Wednesday, my husband Solly and I went to work and when we came home, she was gone.”

Engela Gordon further enlightened that they have been looking everywhere for her but could not find her. She pointed that Portia left home without her cell phone.

“She has never done this before. This is for the first time that such a thing has happened,” said mother Gordon.

She mentioned in the report that the last time they saw her she was wearing a grey and black pant with white Nike takkies and a turquoise hoodie.

Family of Portia urged people of Kraaifontein and is pleading that anyone with the information about Portia must contact at 0769865008.

Considerably, the official Police spokesperson Captain F.C. Van Wyk confirmed that an enquiry of a missing person was received and circulated.

Reportedly, Preliminary investigations have been conducted that included the interviews with the family and the search is still going on.

Portia de Lilly is yet to find, for which the cops are actively searching everywhere and are asking for cooperation to find her as soon as possible.