Tranquility Beach Resort to generate permanent employment for 100 Dominicans: PM Skerrit

Dominica: The Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit recently visited the Tranquility Beach Resort project. During his tour of the facility, he highlighted some of the unique features of the project.

The project, according to the Prime Minister will benefit the people of the country tremendously. After the resort becomes operational, it will provide permanent employment to several locals of Dominica. PM Skerrit noted that to run the resort, they would easily need a hundred employees working at the hotel permanently.


The Project will help the country take the nation’s tourism and hospitability sector of the country to great heights. PM Skerrit toured the facility alongside the members of the government, including Minister of Tourism, Denise Charles.

He highlighted that there are not many resorts that can come close to the Tranquility beach resort, especially in terms of its offerings. The rooms of the resorts will be self-sufficient with laundry services.

The resort will also have tree houses which give the resort a nice twist, attracting more tourists to the location. As per the Prime Minister, the project will be completed and open for the public in 2025.

He added that this will be the only property in Dominica, which will offer such a unique blend of guest accommodation and guest offering. The country will get more sustainable revenue from the project as tourism footfall will increase.

Along with the tourist footfall, service consumption and VAT income will also give the economy of Dominica a significant boost. The Prime Minister highlighted that the Tranquility Beach Resort and other tourism projects progressing within the nation are sustainable projects.

He believes that these projects will bring the kind of revenues that the country needs. He reasoned that they have to broaden the revenue options for the nation through these measures. This is because you cannot tax the resident population to an extent


Accordingly, to combat this situation the government has to figure out a way to bring people in to consume the services and products offered by Dominica. This will help in increasing the tax income of the government.

Every tourist who comes to Dominica pays the VAT on accommodation, food and beverage. Accordingly, everywhere the tourist goes and spends he contributes to the nation’s economy.

Dr Skerrit highlighted that members of the cabinet, government officials and  permanent secretaries of the government are checking on the progress of the construction constantly. The government of Dominica is dedicated to ensuring that the project can conclude successfully.

During the tour of the beach resort project, Dr Skerrit highlighted that the furnishings and construction of the resort are high quality. The beach resort is expected to give the people of the island an unbeatable stay experience during their visit.

The Prime Minister further highlighted the remarkable architecture of the modern resort project. He claimed that as the world evolves, it is important to appreciate the modern infrastructure.

He wants the tourists to come to the Tranquility Beach Resort and be impressed by the architecture of the place. Praising the beauty of the place further, PM Roosevelt Skerrit said, “Students of architecture and interior decoration should come here to understudy and to take notes.”

Minister of Tourism, Denise Charles, who also accompanied the Prime Minister to the official tour was delighted to see the resort. She expressed that she could not wait for the official opening of the resort.

“This property has me in awe,” claimed the Minister of Tourism. She added that after touring the property one can see the Exquisite Taste of the developer in the design the landscape the decor.

“I can tell you this 101 room property is going to be a unique but excellent addition to our world class Resorts right here in Dominica,” she noted.